Finding out Little One is on the Way

So I find out I am 4 weeks pregnant (although why it’s 4 weeks and not actually 2 took a bit of thinking to understand) two days before my 30th Birthday. This obviously changes my celebration plans a great wholesale MLB jerseys deal and I couldn’t be happier. In my 30th year I got married and had the most fantastic wedding… We had planned for a baby not long before the wedding and naively thought we would have a year before we would conceive. To our surprise we were pregnant within Der two months of trying and a month after our wedding. One test done on a Saturday morning and then just in case another one on the Sunday. I would have probably done another if my sister in law hadn’t said that there was Foundation rarely a false positive. The amount of excitement is incredible. Who do you tell? I mean waiting for until 12 weeks is impossible! We decided parents and best friends however, this is not as easy as it seems.
Luckily cheap jerseys about a week before we found out about wholesale NFL jerseys our baby I had decided to give up drinking for a while and try to keep fit. It occurs to me that I necked two bottles of red wine two weeks ago on a great day out with the hubby on Brighton beach. Fortunately I know now that this will not have med had any effect. You think all of a sudden of things that you shouldn’t do, lists of food that you shouldn’t be eat and for a moment become paranoid.

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