#BlogBumpClub // Why Is My Pregnancy Going So Fast???

I am heading towards the third trimester and roller coaster speed and can’t help but feel that’s how this pregnancy had been so far. It’s whizzing by!

 At this point with Froglet I experienced my first bleed and now that I’m at that point this time I have been feeling anxious about a similar scenario, how it’s different trying to find parental cover with two children and also the general feeling that I should really pack a hospital bag now because before I know it this will all be really happening again.

  I know that previous pregnancies can impact on anxiety and I’m trying to stay calm and think positive about the last few months this time. Like any other mum with more than a bump I’m finding it difficult to soak this pregnancy in and have started having a bath at night to try and bond with my bump and take some relaxation time before time runs out.

 Obviously being summer and both kids at home mean that time in the day is limited and I often forget to look after me. I’ve found I drink 3 pints of squash once Gav is home from work because I’m obviously so busy I’m dehydrated when he gets home.

  I haven’t had an antenatal appointment for a while and since my last SPD seems to be creeping in. This happened towards the end of Froglets pregnancy and already I’m starting to limit activity so it’s pretty much two days and home and one day out. I’ve arranged a few play dates at home which helps relieve Fizzs boredom.

Bump wise it’s all looking good! Again I’m enjoying seeing my body change and grow (aches aside) and I’ve kept up taking a weekly photo to show bump growth. I do feel heavier this time but I’ve only popped on 6lbs so far which obviously as I’ve already got the previous two lots of baby weight to lose is not too scary!

  So how are you all doing? I promise not to leave it so long next time! 

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  1. August 11, 2015 / 10:23 am

    You are looking so well despite your SPD starting to creep in. You need to remember to drink throughout the day, I really notice when I haven’t drank enough and feel groggy and tired from it.

  2. August 11, 2015 / 11:23 pm

    Looking fab Chelle! And only 6lbs is amazing. It feels so strange with the boys being so close in age and you being pregnant again. Feels like I should be too (PS I am totally done!)

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