#BlogBumpClub Takeover // Laura from Life with Baby Kicks

Each week a few of my lovely #Blogbumpclub friends share their thoughts on pregnancy and our little club. I am so pleased to be hosting these while I am on maternity leave! Today is Laura from Life with Baby Kicks.

I’m Laura and I blog over on Life with Baby Kicks, my little piece of internet heaven that began life when I was quite literally being kicked on the inside by Baby Boy while the Toddler Terror took a fancy to kicking me on the outside.  My life was all about baby kicks and so Life with Baby Kicks was born.
Now, that little baby that was kicking me on the inside is growing up fast 8 months old and counting (assuming this is December!) and the Toddler is probably not even a toddler anymore but a pre-schooler at 3 years old.
I blogged because I was pregnant.  I was a pregnant blogger.  Being both new to blogging and being pregnant in a foreign country I turned to the internet stumbling across a random world of all things linky that I never knew before, stumbling across #blogbumpclub.P1020278
Although I was never a religious linker to the linky, I did blog religiously every Monday as my bump grew a little bigger, another week passed closer to my due date, a celebration in keeping him inside each extra day towards the end.  Finding, and following bloggers who were all due around the same time as me.  Watching eagerly to see who went first and guessing what flavours were coming out.
In the haze of the newborn days, finding the Facebook group, realising there was a vital support group there for me with my second.  The same support system I had with my first from NCT and hospital antenatal, that wasn’t available in Dubai but was available in this lovely blogging community.
I thought that as I already had a big boy, his baby brother would follow the same pattern, forgetting of course that babies are all different.  Just as people are all different.
Teething hell?  I wasn’t alone.  Not only was I not alone but I had people who were offering recommendations on what worked for their little ones.
Horrific eczema?  Support.  Advice.
Feeling alone?  Just knowing that there were people there who understood, that were at the other side of a screen while I typed away.  In a world where it’s easy to feel disconnected this lovely group reached out and have helped.
Not only that, but after the drama of the Toddler’s category 1 c-section and the panic I felt at having another, reading other people’s posts helped immensely.  Especially reading about Another Bun’s natural c-section story.  Not only that, but I also really connected Susanne’s experience of IUGR with Elsie.  Both my boys were small for gestational age due to restricted blood flow via the placenta due to essential medication.  All of these things can make you feel alone, but knowing that someone else is going, or has been through, all of this helps.

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