#BlogBumpClub // Some Days It Feels Like I’m Just Surviving

Last night I got some time after baby boy was asleep. I had a bath and managed to watch two episodes of a TV series with Gav. It’s actually not uncommon in the bath front but to stay up is a big deal. It was nice and much needed.

I’m 30 weeks pregnant now. I’ve hit the third trimester without really having time to adjust to the first and the second.

On average my day involves waking up at 6am. Getting Fizz ready and telling the boy no a lot. He’s climbing so much and it’s a constant lift and say no see saw right now. Gav leaves with Fizz and then it’s half an hour or so until Jedi Boy naps. He may sleep 9-11 or half of that I which time I wash up, tidy up and maybe grab some time to work. Gav does loads around the house and anything I ask of him to make my days easier.

 The day goes in a blur until Fizz is home from school but I know around 2pm I start to feel extremely tired and my pelvis and hips ache. Some days I am not so achey and manage well, others I’m knackered from not sleeping well at night. I just can’t get comfy.

Don’t get me wrong this baby is so welcome and we are looking forward to meeting him but this time pregnancy is tough and I don’t feel I’ve bonded with my bump yet more that we’ve plodded along grabbing a few precious moments but not the many I’ve had with the others.

Some days it just feels like I’m surviving this pregnancy. I had hoped it wouldn’t feel so much this way but with time lacking and also flying by I’m missing my mobility, my sanity and my free time too.
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  1. September 24, 2015 / 11:33 am

    Chelle I genuinely don’t know how you manage sometimes! I was shattered when pregnant and had no other children to look after. I wish I was closer to come and make you a cuppa. Just remember you are doing amazingly!! Xx

  2. September 27, 2015 / 9:54 am

    Oh wow, 30 weeks and 2 children – hats off to you! I am 24 weeks and just starting to get achey running after my 1 year old – I know the third trimester is going to be tough. I also totally get what you mean by connecting with bump, I feel totally different to how I did in my first pregnancy, like I don’t get enough time to think about this bump! Hope you feel better soon and can rest whenever the chance arises. Xx
    Sarah – Forget Me Knit

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