#BlogBumpClub // It’s The Final Countdown! 

Saturday I hit 37 weeks pregnant and now I feel I’m in that home stretch. We know when baby should be coming and of course it’s meant the little fidget has given us a few indications he might not want to stick to the plan!

Friday I had what I thought was waters leaking and it took nearly 4 hours to get through to our local hospital who by then were full. ‘There’s no room here and because you’ve had an early delivery before I want you to get checked out….in Haywards Heath’ Now this stressed me and Gav out! It was suggested I wait an hour and the call back after I explained we rely on public transport, it would take Gav an hour to get home from work, then find somewhere to drop the kids off as last minute then an hour to get there. Cabs there are completely unaffordable. I know we should be aware of limits at the hospital. I know I can’t expect them to have space just for me but the alternative actually scares me. 

On Saturday I made the brave (or stupid decision) to go to ComicCon with everyone. It was a really lovely few hours out of the house until the way home (just myself and Luke) meant bumping the buggy up the stairs to the flat. I had warned the taxi company I’d need help and they were really lovely. The taxi driver gave me help on the pick up and although friendly obviously didn’t think I needed the help again on the drop off and I felt too polite to ask. I think this will be my last time outside of the house with a buggy if I’m honest as its a right struggle with Jedi Boy. 

I did get to sit in this though…..although I struggled to get out!


So far this week I’m going day to day. I’ve only a few weeks left and want to be mentally and physically well for the birth. Resting up and sleeping as much as I can. Organising my hospital bag and also the small group of people helping us with the children when the day comes. I’ve had seriously breath taking Braxton Hicks so baby feels quite keen and was 2/5 engaged last Thursday at my last midwife appointment. Now I’m all in the consultants care. It feels odd really.

With 2 weeks and 4 days until my due date I’m taking my time with everything. I’m now on maternity leave, ready meals and food shop are organised, hospital bags are packed (Just Fizz/Jedi Boys overnight bags and Gavs bag to pack now). It’s all starting to get very very real.
As such obviously online life will be on hold too. I’ve asked the lovely pregnant and mamas in my #BlogBumpClub group to takeover the blog to share how the support of the group has been essential 

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  1. November 10, 2015 / 11:45 am

    How exciting! Take care of yourself lovely xx

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