Why I blog… by Simone

In the first of a series of blogs on creative writing and why we do what we do, I explain why I blog.
I’ve blogged at three points in my life, in different formats and for differing reasons. Around eight years ago, I started writing a blog on my MSN profile. The audience was restricted to my MSN Messenger friends and I used it as a form of therapy. It was a journal of things I wanted to discuss with someone but didn’t feel I could easily verbalise. My blogs were long and I didn’t keep it up for long, I guess because it had served its purpose and I felt better.

I left off blogging until I was pregnant with my daughter, who’s now two. By this point I’d become a seasoned writer. I’d been attending creative writing classes for a number of years and had started submitting my work to competitions with a small amount of success. I no longer felt I had the time to write short stories and poems because my time was taken up with the new and different experience of pregnancy. Therefore I chose to write about pregnancy instead. There are two main blogging platforms out there: www.blogger.com and www.wordpress.com; unfortunately I didn’t pick either of them. The site I chose to use had a low readership and became the domain of spammers. It’s a shame, since I like what I wrote at this time and I’m probably the only person to have read it!
Post baby, I started blogging again as a way to get back in to writing. I saw that Worthing Mums were looking for writers so I started blogging on here around the same time as I set up my personal blog. I wrote about parenting because my life had changed so much, I felt it was the only thing I knew. However, it has been a stepping stone back into creative writing. I’ve now returned to the writing classes and started writing fiction and poetry again.

Although I’ve blogged for different reasons, the over-riding reason has always been a desire to write. Writing makes me happy and if a few people read what I’ve written, that makes me even happier.
Simone grew up in the Worthing area and currently lives in Angmering with her husband and young daughter. She blogs about what they’ve been doing at Angmering Mummy.

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