Bump to Bundle of Fizz

So after I was induced on Monday, December 14 it didn’t take Fizz long to make it into this world. She was born at 3.04am on Tuesday, December 15 by C section. I was overdue at 41 weeks and 4 days. She weighed 8lb 3oz.
The birth was quite stressful, traumatic and I am trying to still figure it all out really.
But we have been blessed with the most gorgeous little girl. I can’t quite believe what it has taken to get here and still I look at her and feel very emotional about it.
She has the most gorgeous red hair and looks just like her daddy.
I am hoping to keep you all updated weekly with what we are learning as a family and I hope to get the birth story up here as soon as me and Gav can figure that bit out together, as I think it’ll need Gav’s perspective as well. Believe me I think it was just as traumatic for him to see me go through labour and be present for the C section and everything that followed.
I believe it may be quite good for me to share the experience as it also shows that even with the best of plans it really is important that you just relax and accept that things don’t always go to plan.
Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy all the time spent with family. I know I will with my new little bundle and it’s also my first as a wife. These really are exciting times.

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