Birth Plan vs Birth Wishes

This time last year I had a new born baby, full of the excitement and nerves that the little bundle of joy brings.

I was also, although I found it hard to admit it , disappointed that the birth did not go as I planned. Pretty much from the first scan I’d had an idea of how I would give birth, I copied and pasted birth plans and tick lists from the internet to design my fantastic dream of how it would be.

I’d imagined a hippy kind of birth, asking for maybe gas and air at most, giving birth at home to a playlist we’d thought about and having the right song as my daughter arrived.

Around my due date everything changed, I had signs of protein and high blood pressure. Iwas told I would be induced, then not, and then was a week later. I knew that I would be in hospital to give birth. In the end I had a c-section and a completely opposite birth to the one I had imagined.

I had relied far too much on a birth plan being  firm, set in stone; this is what I want and this is what I will get.

I do realise that other births do go as planned, some people have a perfect birth and I feel so happy for those that do, others have a different experience to what they imagined. I know now that that is ok!

Birth plans are made for people like me, well the person I was before Miss Fizz. Slightly OCD about organisation, a bit adamant that I would get what I wanted.

So Birth Plans, well I would like to rename those Birth Wishes. By doing this you are leaving room for manoeuvre, room for change and room for your mind to take in other eventualities. At best you’ll get everything you desired, at worst you’ll be prepared!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on birth plans and whether you had one, if you got all your wishes or if you’d like to share advice with others.

One things for sure baby will arrive no matter how much you plan they’re really the ones in charge!


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