Babywearing Mamma


who also provide other lovely wraps and slings as well as advice for sling wearing mammas and daddas.
The Connecta sling are priced from £55 and can be found here. Kangarinos are offering a discount for Mamma Must Haves followers. You can bag 5% off at the till by quoting Mamma5 until the 15th October 2010

who also provide lovely underwear for Mammas. Their customer service has been great with me so far and all without the sale. They can provide bra fittings for Mums and I am hoping to test out this service more.
The Lifft sling retails at £49.99

offered advice and a trial of her mei tai style carrier.
This carrier can do both front and back carry and for the fashion conscious mums it comes in many designs as well as reversing to a plain block colour.
Our first day of wearing our snugbaby was really successful. I faced Fizz outwards to look at the world and managed to carry her for over an hour without any back ache or pain. The second time of wearing Fizz was facing me and snuggled in. On our bus journey home the sling was so comfy little one fell asleep.
The second day of the snugbaby was even better, we managed almost a day travelling through Brighton and Hove using the carrier. We bused, we walked, we stopped for a cuppa in Georger Street. Obviously we had breaks in between but it was a welcome relief from using a buggy or an ill fitting sling.
On a visit to the pier on Wednesday we finally tried a back carry. I had been excited about this as it was something we’d never tried before. With Gav at hand to help we got Fizz into the carrier, strapped on and off we went. She fell asleep within ten minutes of this carry. I have to admit I felt a bit awkward not being able to see my baby and Gav was a bit concerned about neck support whilst she was asleep.
I contacted Claire about our concerns and she gave us advice on how to make the sling more supportive and it turns out we had needed to adapt the sling slightly differently whilst on my back. She also emailed the link to a video which had a demonstration for us to follow.
I cannot fault Claire’s customer service. She was on hand via twitter and email to offer support and advice and always pleasant in doing so.