Autumn Clothes Choices For Dad From Jacamo

With Summer officially over, but with Autumn showing a reluctance to give the sun and heat a wide berth completely, now’s a good time to think about adding some new clothes to the wardrobe that will fit the mood and practicality of all seasons nicely. Here’s a few ideas for clothes that will look and feel good in sun as well as winters.

Adidas VL Court 2.0 Trainers – £57.00

Where classic meets modern, these shoes have the old skool look of vintage Adidas shoes (three stripes. the famous T-toe look, the smart two colour combo) but with subtle, smart changes to make distinguish from other shoes you may have had or still wear now (the back is all black, opting instead for a smart embossed logo on trim). With comfort also dialled up a few notches and a pricetag that’ll please the wallet, these are a must have shoe. Click here to buy.

Jacamo Breton Stripe L/S T-Shirt (Long) £15.00

Over the years, there’s one item of clothing I’ve always insisted on having in my wardrobe somewhere. With a look that goes well alone or with jacket or cardigan – a good stripey shirt is hard to beat, and this is a very good stripey shirt. Long sleeved and with long length (regular also available) it looks great over any trouser or jean. This shirt is a great shape, feels good to wear and is both light and robust. A classic look on a modern top that can be worn in many ways.

Nirvana Black Band T-Shirt – Long £26.99

It’s been many a year since I sported by old ‘smiley’ Nirvana shirt, lost to time amidst many moves and the trials of adulthood. Still as much a fan as ever, I was thrilled by this shirt’s unusual design and simplicity. With just the band logo above a famous shot of the band onstage at Reading in 1992, this shirt keeps it basic but makes a mark. It feels great to wear too, and being the ‘long’ fit version of the shirt has a look that for me is complimentary (also available in regular).
All clothes were supplied by Jacamo but all views are my own.

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