If like me you have a sluggish feeling and want to feel brighter going into summer then supplements could help. The lovely folk at Genessence sent me a few of their supplements to boost my gut health and my general wellbeing earlier this year. I decided to give them the full time sue before writing this blog to see how my general health had changed.

My favourite of the 2 supplements they gave me was the Papaya Leaf and Live Bacteria. This one I have consistently taken and it really did have a good impact on my general health. We all know someone who suffers with bloating and uncomfortable stomach problems. I had really bad IBS problems before falling pregnant and this would have been a great supplement to know about then when the problems were at their worst.

This supplement helps break down gluten (we all know we probably have too much in our diet!) and helps reduces those horrible stomach problems we also get more of as we age. I would definitely say to give this a try, my system felt less sluggish and it really did help me feel less heavy.

If you want to learn more about your health and how to maintain a good level of energy, overall health or a specific problem then do ask your Dr before taking supplements.

Recently we were sent the RCA Venturer Mercury (RRP £49.99) to review. I previously reviewed their Saturn which is a tablet/laptop in a mini version.

Since the Saturn is used by my husband mainly i thought that it it is fab to have something that is great for the smaller ones to share as it’s size is geared towards younger users.

However when it came and we started using it it quickly became a family tablet that we use in the kitchen.

Downloading the apps is super easy via google play and as the memory is extendable with a memory card it means you can have quite a bit on there. You can create folders so your stuff and the kids stuff is separate.

For us having a tablet in the kitchen is ideal, I can check out recipes, play spotify, watch netflix or Fizz can use it to search homework topics away from the bustle of the living room. The battery life is fab so perfect for Fizz if she wants to watch a film on her own or we download a netflix series for travelling.

The only downside to it is that it can be a little slow at times and it’s not durable for very tiny hands.  I have limited the amount of apps we have downloaded though so we try and then delete if we don’t love it.

I would say it is perfect for a primary school aged child for their homework and TV streaming though.

You can get the RCA Venturer Mercury from Asda with £10 off at the moment!

A bit more about it:

The Mercury 7L operates on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and has a seven inch capacitive touch screen with a display resolution of 1024 x 600. Inside the Mercury 7L is a Quad Core 1.3Ghz processor with 1GB RAM, 8GB of internal memory and built in Wi-Fi capability, making it a great option to surf the internet. The Mercury 7L has a front facing 1 mega pixel camera, ideal for video calling friends and family or for taking selfies. With a a Micro SD card slot and Micro USB port for data transfer and charging, this great value tablet is the perfect option for kids or when travelling.

Key Features
• Android 6.0
• Micro SD Card Slot
• 8GB Internal Memory
• Quad Core 1.3Ghz Processor
• This Google Play certified tablet has 1000’s of apps to download and playfrom the Google Play store

If you are anything like us you want to pop some fun things in your weekend for the kids to do. Whether you are in or out Mardles have a great selection of augmented reality sticker, masks and colouring books to inject a bit of fun into your family time.

We were sent their magic masks to review and I kept them aside for when we had a rainy day. The masks come in all different designs and we were sent 3 for each of the children to try out.

You have to download the free Mardles app to help or masks come to life. The app is easy to open, pop the mask on and wait for the magic to appear on the screen. Each mask has different images that fill the screen once the sensor has picked them up. Fizz took screen shots of her favourites and thought this would be a lovely addition to the birthday party she is planning (for December but thats another blog haha).

The masks are just £3.99 and the kids had great fun with them. We also love their interactive stickers which we are going to donate to the school’s new garden – so much fun to hide and find!


I’ve been trying to step up my fitness levels. As a mum running around after 3 children with various drop offs, pick ups and then fitting into as many working from home hours as possible it feels like there hasn’t really been any time to step up the fitness and firm up the mum tum I have left over from 3 pregnancies and 3 emergency cesarean sections. When you’re 2 year old wobbles and shouts wobble wobble wobble at you, well it’s funny but also it’s time now to be thinking about myself as well as the kids.

Knowing this Myleene’s PR team contacted me and asked if i would give My Body By Myleene a go. It wasn’t sold to me a a diet/fitness dvd but as a simple routine a mum can fit into a busy lifestyle when she is ready to. You commit to a 12 week programme and the workouts range from 15 minutes to 30 with a plan to incorporate these workouts into 4 days a week (or more if you choose). I loved the idea of short fast workouts at the beginning of my day and committing to a schedule also felt easy to pop into my routine. The fact is we all know if it can’t fit around family life then we won’t do it or we will let it slip. Anything a mum does just for her has to slip easily into an already manic schedule.

So I did the first workout 3 weeks ago now. Guttingly I then has strep throat and was wiped out for over 2 weeks while sorting my health back out and ready to start again. So this week I am committing to starting week 1 again.

The first workout was a bit of a boxercise style, it almost felt like a dance routine doing this DVD (there are 3 sections in total and a sandbell in the box – isn’t it fab when you aren’t sold all the extras seperately!). I loved that it felt simple to do and gradually built up over the 30 minutes. The DVD felt down to Earth with the chat aimed at mamas rather than fitness enthusiasts. I loved this as so often fitness DVDS can feel a bit bland but you do feel like this is more on a level with the viewer.

I am really looking for ward to updating you with my stats and how I am feeling over the next 12 weeks! Wish me luck!

You can follow me on instastories for my thoughts as I go on MyBody ByMyleene!

I was sent MyBody by Myleene in exchange for this review however all views are my own.

With all 3 children we found a pattern of sleep. Co-sleeping has worked on and off for us over the years but as our littlest and last baby is about to turn 2 we are often asking searching for clues on how to encourage your child to sleep in their own bed.

There seem to be quite a few tips that hold familiar ground with many parents so I thought we would share them here.

Decorate their room.

As our kids get older a themed nursery is obviously outdated. Why not try a neutral colouring and then add in artwork. We have a beau teal magnolia on the walls, a black blind and then each of the boys have their favourite superheroes on the wall. Currently it Dr Who, Yellow Submarine and Spider-Man – we just couldn’t get away with all of that in a themed room!

Look at a big focal piece. 

lI love looking at these children’s themed beds. Themed beds mean each of the boys get something unique to them. I also thought about a lovely cabin bed so they could have a den as they get older too. You want to spend on a decent bed (believe me we did the cheaper route and they don’t last with all the toddler running around). I love this double decker bus as it’s not a character piece and is so unique!


Don’t forget a night light! 

This may sound simple but a new bedroom and new things mean your child may be a bit out of sorts. A night light shows them there is nothing to be afraid of and so will give them an element of calm.

If you want your child to be comfortable in their room then they need access when they want it. It’s really important that they grown their sense of ownership. Both my boys have some part of the day in their room with independent play. I come when they call me but let them know that their room is a place for them. It should be a sanctuary just like my bedroom feels.

Your bedtime routine may take a bit longer if you’ve recently made room changes too. Instead of going to another room before or after bedtime start a routine in their room. Undress in there for bath time, dress in there for bed, get dressed for the day on their room. All easy ways that they know that this is their room and they should feel comfortable in there.

Lastly it’s really important to be consistent with your bedtime message. PJs, story and bed is usually the regular routine every parent shares but we’ve also be this lovely lavender added foot roller ball from Mummy Loves (mummylovesorganics.com) to encourage natural sleep with natural products and also the promise of it scaring any night imps away!

If you’ve got any tips on settling children in their own room I would love to hear them! Let me know in the comments below 🙂