Despite knowing the advantages of artificial grass, some general questions always arise in mind. In most cases, you might not need expert assistance for regular cleaning and maintenance of artificial grass. Check the frequently asked questions along with their replies before you finally decide to install the artificial grass. I have been researching a bit more about it before we use some on our small outside space.


Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

People with pets, as well as kids in their houses, tend to worry regarding the allergic effects of the artificial grass. Fret not as artificial grass is safe for everyone. In fact, you may find a big range of artificial grass that has an extra layer of fiber that offers extra protection for children and pets.

How should I maintain artificial grass?

Say goodbye to your hosepipes when you have artificial grass. You only need to keep a close look so that dry leaves or dog poop do not get stuck in the artificial grass.

Can I install artificial grass?

Yes, you may find different DIY grass installation techniques accessible on the internet. However, you may need to purchase some tools to ensure proper installation by yourself. Follow the expert guidelines when begin installing the artificial grass.

Is artificial grass environment friendly?

Yes, artificial grass is very environment friendly. No reports regarding its bad impact on the atmosphere have been found out. You are not needed to spread any chemical or pesticide to keep the grass growing therefore protecting the environment is a best way.

What is used to stick the grass to the surface?

The artificial grass is linked to the surface using powerful adhesives as well as tapes in different cases. If you are taking up a DIY project, it is very important to ensure that the adhesive you are planning to use is from one of the best brands.

Does artificial grass lose its colour?

The only few cases when the artificial grass has begun to lose its colour after a period of 20 years. You may choose a UV protected artificial grass to make sure the grass does not lose its greenery due to sunlight exposure.


We have been looking at getting some artificial grass for our balcony so would love to know if you have used it in a smaller space too!

If, like me, you revel in a new notebook and some super special pens then you’ll want to hear about World Calligraphy Day which is on the 15th August this year. I have teamed up with Manuscript to be part of the #SaySomethingSpecial Campaign.

The #SaySomethingSpecial campaign is coordinated with Birmingham Children’s Hospital. You write a short letter, poem or note of ‘something special.’ and it contributes to part of a small exhibition, then sent to the children’s hospital along with lovely stationery for the children to enjoy. Such a lovely lift up for those in hospital during the summer.

So what would you say on your letter?


I was sent some lovely calligraphy pens by Manuscript to have fun with for this post but all words are my own!

Further to this Manuscript have also organised Handwriting drop-in sessions:

Have you ever wondered how you can get perfectly neat handwriting? Then join “Nick the Nibs” as he gives you all the best hints and tips on what you can do to improve your handwriting. Nick Caulkin has over 30 years experience in the art of fine handwriting. He is a lecturer specialising in handwriting and calligraphy, as well as a handwriting consultant. So, if you are looking for advice on your handwriting, pop by Nick’s handwriting sessions taking place in “The School” at the museum all day. Check out their website to find out more!


Minimalism is on the rise and there has been an enormous upsurge in this trend in recent years. Minimalism is a concept that can be applied to all areas of your life. However, a good place to start is with the interior design of your home. Clutter in a home can quickly become overwhelming and it can even have a direct effect on your mood, making you more anxious and stressed. So, if your surfaces are becoming cluttered and items are being left all over your home, this is definitely a trend that you may want to consider incorporating in your home. If you are unsure of where to start in your home incorporating a minimalist theme, then make sure you carry on reading for all the information that you need to achieve this look in your home and also what the benefits of minimalism are. 

The Downside to Clutter 

As we mentioned before, if your home is filled with clutter, then one of the first things that you will want to do is get rid of as much of this as you can as this goes against the basic principles of the minimalist interior design concept. If you live in a home that is always busy with the hustle and bustle of lots of people, then you will most likely have a tonne of clutter lying around from where people have been leaving things as they go.

There are lots of cons to having a home that is filled with clutter and the first simply being that it is not the most pleasant thing to look at. Usually, when you are trying to tidy up a home filled with clutter, it is merely about trying to conceal these items and moving them around to make them seem less noticeable rather than actually looking the root of the problem. When you do this, any items of actual value then don’t really stand out at all and they can become lost amongst the mess.

Another big negative to having lots of clutter is that it becomes much easier to lose essential items such as your phone or your keys. However, taking a minimalistic approach to your interior design can really help to combat this and keep your apartment neat and tidy. Having your home organised will also promote a way of simple living, and you can then start to implement this in other areas of your life as a gradual process.

What Exactly is Minimalism? 

While minimalism has been a massive trend in recent years, there may still be some of you out there who are unfamiliar with this type of interior design and way of life. Essentially, in a nutshell, minimalism is a way of life in which you love, appreciate and promote the things in your life that add the most value to your life. As you do this, you then remove everything else that distracts you from this process. This usually results in people owning fewer material possessions and find a new found freedom and improvements in all aspects of their life.  

So, when you incorporate minimalism into your home, you are looking to keep your home clutter free and filled with all of the things that you value, use and appreciate. There is a common myth that being a minimalist with your home design means that you are taking away lots of its fun and personality. However, this is really not the case at all! When you incorporate minimalist redecorating into your home, you will then be able to refocus your space and concentrate on the things that are actually important. You can still ensure that your home feels lived in without having to overwhelm it with lots of clutter. 

The Interior Design of Your Minimalist Home 

When you are planning the interior design of your home and following a minimalist theme, we would recommend that you concentrate on finishing one room at a time. If you try to tackle every room all at once, then you can quickly become overwhelmed at how much you need to get rid of. Addressing one room at a time is more manageable and will help inspire you to complete the rest of your home.

Let’s start off with your furniture. With minimalism, you will want to only remove items that are not going to sacrifice your comfort or items that are useful. Try and keep to simple pieces and any accent furniture should be used to complement the room, not distract from it.

With your minimalistic design, you will want to only keep the essentials in your home. Anything that is not essential, get rid of it. All of your floors should be clear of anything that is not furniture, as well as your surfaces which should be as clear as possible.

Within your home, we would recommend that you stick to either solid colours or plain designs. When you are choosing curtains, opt for high-quality curtains in a solid colour that will compliment your room and then ensure that the area around your curtains is kept clutter free. You can purchase gorgeous curtains to fit in with your minimalism theme at Fashion Interiors, and there are plenty of colours and styles for you to choose from.

If you like artwork, we would recommend that you keep this simple and subdued but also something of high-quality that will compliment your room well. Finally, with any decorations, you can use these to add a pop of colour to your room, and an excellent choice is a vase with fresh flowers or a potted plant to give your home some life. 

How Will My Minimalist Home Look?

With a minimalist home, each room will attempt to have just the essentials in it. The room should only have the furniture that you really need in it, and so, for example, a living room should only contain all or part of these items such as a sofa, television stand, coffee table and a lamp. This allows your space to appear larger and be more functional in your day to day life. You will want to aim to keep all of your surfaces clear with just a few decorations and you should make sure that you are not accumulating items for very long. Any accent decorations that you choose should be chosen wisely, and while you are opting for a minimalist theme, we would still recommend that you include some decorations as this will help to bring some life to your home and ensure that it still feels like yours and its personal to you. With the minimalist look, we would also recommend that you focus more on quality over quantity as the items that you do choose to get for your room should be ones that you absolutely love and are that of a high-quality. This allows you to showcase the gorgeous pieces of furniture in your room rather than having lots of cheap items.

If you are looking to incorporate minimalism into your home, make sure to implement out top tips to achieve this look. 

When it comes to redecorating your home, it can often be a lot of fun to put your own personal touch into each room. In the kitchen, you might like to add a little life, and in your living space, it’s nice to create a cozy atmosphere. But when it comes to your bedroom, you almost always want to add a level of luxury that makes you feel like a princess. If you’re currently redoing your bedroom decor and are hoping to create an elegant room that sends you into a sweet slumber, here are the luxury touches you can’t live without.

Silk Bedding

Everyone will have their preference when it comes to the sheets they love to fall asleep in. But whether you love high-quality cotton, or something a bit fleecie, you have to admit that silk sheets add a certain level of luxury to your bedroom. Not only are they gorgeous to cuddle up in, but they can also help you get a better level of sleep– because who doesn’t want to be wrapped up in love when they go to sleep?

Gorgeous Flooring 

You’ll want your feet to get out of bed and onto something gorgeous. I love barefoot living so for me I would have to go for a wood flooring. Searching for a decent flooring online via a website means you can save some pennies on a super sleek look that your toes deserve to walk on! With wooden flooring you also have the option of jazzing it up with a rug for the cooler months too.

Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash

Mood Lighting

Lighting can be important in every room of your house, but even more so in your bedroom. Not only do you want your lighting choice to look good, but you also want it to be able to keep you calm and help you wind down before bed. To help with that, a warm or dull lighting choice will always be best. And if you want to set it off right, look into ultra glamorous chandelier styles that can add to the luxury look of your new bedroom decor.


Elegant Blinds

And of course, you need to think about covering up that natural light. In your bedroom, you can often want to make sure that you remove every trace of light when it comes to falling asleep. So, it can be important to get some blackout curtains. However, you also need them to look good and fit in with your decor. So, you might want to take a look at some elegant blind options instead of chunky curtains, to fit in with the sleek design you’re aiming for.

Hidden TV

And finally, as you’re putting together this beautiful room, you’re not going to want it to be ruined by having things on display, like your TV. But, did you know that you can hide it away in some really creative ways? Whether you decide to have it installed into (or under) your bed, or in a wall cabinet, make sure you hide your TVas your final luxury touch to your bedroom decor.

What extras would you like in your bedroom?

There are plenty of style guides to be found in magazines and on the internet, that can help you achieve any look with your décor that you want to. However, there is a downside to sticking so rigidly to any one style guide. Sometimes, it might feel like you’re living in a showroom that doesn’t show the personality around your kitchen table. A little of your own personality should always be injected to make sure that a room feels “you”, no matter what style you go for. Here are a few ways to make sure that’s the case.

Find your style

One of the problems of following a style guide is that some people don’t really determine what their style is before they jump in. Finding your inspiration before you start making décor choices is going to ensure that you’re later happy with those very same choices. Watch home makeover programmes, browse through interest, take a look at before-and-after renovation photos. Do plenty of inspiration material binging and start collecting and collating those that stand out most to you. Rather than finding one “style”, you’ll find you have an eclectic mix of tastes that you could work to incorporate together. Checking out various ways to buy such as searching for a light or flooring website for example will help you see what’s available from vinyl to wood. Costing up is helpful before going ahead with your project so that you don’t get caught short by unexpected costs! 

Fit your hobbies in there

Do you have one hobby that takes up most of your time or a passion that you find inextricably linked to your very being? Then make a little space for it in your décor. It’s all about finding the boundary and not crossing it. Make a single subtle display, such as a wall lined with movie posters, if you’re into movies or a good place to fit a bookshelf if you’re a reader. You want it to be a subtle pointer to your personality, incorporating your hobby too much can end up a little overbearing if you don’t know how to hold back.

Make memories your pride

There are certain elements of décor that transcend a particular style, too. To many people, there are few better avatars of their own personalities and experiences than the photos they take or have had taken of them throughout the years. Creating a photo wall display in the home can immediately give any room a focal point that screams personality. There are a lot of ways to arrange them, such as making a grid, lining them up, or even hanging them, so you don’t have to feel like your options are too limited as to how you display them, either.

Give it some space

Whether it’s certain ornaments you love the most, some photos on display, or anything else, giving your personality some space is crucial. Set up a space all its own by using a display cabinet or a glass console table dedicated to the collection you want to put on display. Don’t clutter it and force it to share attention with some of the more traditional décor aspects of the room. This creates a competition for attention which means it won’t stand out as much.

At the end of the day, a home that doesn’t have “you” in it isn’t going to feel yours. Find the spaces you’re not using and think about how to incorporate your own personality.