gNappies were the first brand of nappy we used on Froglet. I loved that they were bright colours and there are some super special edition prints too. But what we love most is that the nappies have two choices of inserts – disposible (which are compost able) or cloth inserts. For our nighttime challenge we pitched their disposible against the Boots own disposible brand when Froglet was 4 months old and so we could easily go 3-4 nappy changes still.

Good Fortune gNappies

Good Fortune gNappies

The nappies matched up well against the disposible and the only difference was if there were any leaks it was user fault rather than the actual nappy. There is a insert panel which should be flush against babas skin to prevent leaks and sometimes in a tired haste I popped the nappy on a bit loose. When I didn’t though the absorbing was the same as the Boots and Sainsburys brand. Obviously the disposible inserts at this point lasted 3 hours maximum as is the case with newborns up to three months. The Boots own gave us exactly the same where as Sainsburys nappies often leaked quite badly.

IMG_4182.JPGOver the last few months these have been our go to daytime nappy. If we are on the school run I use these with a disposible and sometimes a cloth booster to get through the school run (our buses are a pain) which ranges from 1:45hr both ways up to 3 hours! Obviously I want Froglet to be as comfy as possible so a boost is there just in case.

I can’t wait to come back to you and tell you how we get on with a newborn in November!

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A few weeks ago BabiesRUs offered to send me a hospital bag to review. I love a good bag (I suspect you do too?) and was thinking that it would be full of the usual stuff for baby and mum, half of which wouldn’t really get used. So when a huge box came addressed to me I was curious to see what the team had put together for me.

I was throughly surprised, so surprised I emailed the PR and thanked her for what seemed like a massive treat for me! Hardly any baba content just a wonderful bag to make mum feel luxurious whilst staying in hospital.

The Bag was a Silver Cross change bag which was really sturdy and quite hardy for a change bag.



 The only item that was for baby was this cute unisex baby blanket.

Then we get onto the stuff for me!!

  A pair of black havianas

Hair bobbles

Vaseline – great for dry lips when on gas and air!

There was a lot of gorgeous things from The White Company

A dressing gown worth £50

A nightie (non breastfeeding style) worth £35

A waffle pair of slippers

A waffle wash bag

A towel

I am so in love with the nightie and dressing gown that I’ve been wearing them a lot. The material is really light so perfect for me whilst pregnant. The rest of the items in the bag are so practical but with a real thought behind them. Definitely not like my throwing a bag together!

Let me know what’s your hospital or home birth bag essential!

The lovely team also gave me £20 to spend at BabiesRUs but as I feel I have received such a generous package from them already I would love for one of our readers to have them!

For a chance to win comment with what you would spend them on below  and click on the rafflecopter for more ways to enter!

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Recently we celebrated Hedgehog week with our local Rainbow group, with 5-7year olds, we found 2 activities that are great for fine motor skills, but also grabbed their senses with smells and tastes too.
Firstly we split them into 2 groups and each leader helped them with the set activity.
For the Lemon hedgehogs you’ll need 2 items – Lemons & Cloves
They can be rather tricky at first, so we used a fork to make the holes (advisable that an adult does this due to slipping/ lemon juice squirting)
During this activity we talked about hedgehogs, where they lived / what they ate etc. We also spoke about the smells of the ingredients. It was a really good task for concentration.
We then swapped over. The second activity was the tasty one!
Ingredients – fairy cakes (you can make these first for a fun activity, although we bought pre-made due to time constraints)
Butter cream frosting / chocolate icing
Matchmakers (chocolate sticks)
Letting the Rainbows spread the icing onto the cakes was rather great to watch, the concentration, dedication and the temptation at the end to licking their fingers.
We then broke the matchmakers into little pieces and popped them on to look like spikes.
We really enjoyed these activities and its always good when you can eat your makes! Just a shame the lemon isn’t edible!
What activities do your little ones enjoy at the moment?

Trying to find time to read when you’re a busy parent juggling looking after the family, work and a blog can be difficult and I’ve found since having Toby that I’ve barely read a single book. I’ve always loved reading and don’t want to lose that so I’m now on a mission to read at least one book a month.

This month, I’ve been back to a favourite author of mine, Terry Pratchett, who sadly passed away earlier this year. I’ve loved his work for years but he has written so many amazing books that there are still some I’m yet to read. My choice was a fairly short one, The Wee Free Men.

Following the adventures of a new witch, Tiffany Aching, The Wee Free Men is one of the Discworld stories and is about a band of ‘fightin’, thievin’, tiny blue-skinned pictsies who were thrown out of Fairyland for being Drunk and Disorderly’ who are helping Tiffany find her lost brother. They speak in a strong Glaswegian accent and are strong in battle but scared of those who can read and write.

Tiffany had not previously known that she was a witch, so this book is a lovely journey of self-discovery as well as an adventure. The Wee Free Men are terrified of Tiffany (‘The Hag’) so when she summons them to help her get her brother back from The Queen of Fairies, they don’t have much choice but to agree. They battle wolves, dream-inducing ‘dromes’ and other nasties sent by the Queen to stop them getting Tiffany’s brother back.


Terry Pratchett’s books are fantastic for teenagers and adults alike, so if you have slightly older kids they may end up stealing this book for themselves! I’m not a huge reader of fantasy, but I love the language and imagery that Pratchett created and The Wee Free Men’s cries of “Crivens!” at inappropriate moments along with some funny undertones throughout the book have made this is a brilliant read, especially on the days when life feels a little stressful and you need a bit of an escape.

Have you read any of Terry Pratchett’s books? Any recommendations for me for future months? I’d love to hear from you!

A few weeks ago Heavenly Bump asked me to choose something from their website for review.  I chose their Jersey Maternity Culottes at £20 and I have to say I have pretty much lived in them since. View Post