With us being in such a fast paced world it should be no surprise that the time spent on a maternity unit can be just as short as the birth experience. I know a few bloggers who have had an enhanced recovery programme and it can work differently for each mama and should be taken on a case by case basis but I will be honest and say before I met with my consultant to set baby’s due date it terrified me that I would be allowed home just 24 hours after major abdominal surgery.

IMG_2980-0So Should We Be Saying Yes To Enhanced C-Section Recovery? 

After my appointment I had a natter with Susanne (who has recently written this piece on Enhanced Recovery).  Her post shares her final birth experience and why the enhanced really didn’t work for them this time.

The NHS site says….
Enhanced recovery is a modern, evidence-based approach that helps people recover more quickly after having major surgery.

Many hospitals (although not all) have an enhanced recovery programme in place, and it’s now seen as standard practice following surgery.

Sometimes referred to as rapid or accelerated recovery, enhanced recovery aims to ensure that patients:

  • are as healthy as possible before receiving treatment 
  • receive the best possible care during their operation 
  • receive the best possible care while recovering 

Having an operation can be both physically and emotionally stressful. Enhanced recovery programmes try to get you back to full health as quickly as possible.

Research has shown the earlier a person gets out of bed and starts walking, eating and drinking after having an operation, the shorter their recovery time will be.

Now I know we can all agree that making a good recovery is essential to the body but for a new mum is rushing a recovery really something we should be advocating. It feels a little like a wrap mum and baby up and push them out of the door before they are ready. When I started the conversation with my consultant he quickly retorted ‘ Why would you do that to yourself’. Obviously he is not a fan either. Those first days of mum and baby are hard but even harder if you can’t move from a bed properly or need help. I can see why some mums would want to get home as soon as possible and if you do have the support and are recovering well then that is fantastic but I can’t help but feel that time in the hospital is meant for time.

Time to bond with your new baby without siblings around

Time to look after yourself and take it easy without all the household worries at your feet

Time to have the support you need from trained medical staff

Time to recover and make sure that your body is in sync with your mind

Going back home after admoninal surgery with a new baby is tough and the length of hospital stay can really aid recovery. I’m relieved that my consultant dismissed the idea straight away. Those 3 days I’ll be spending in the hospital post birth surgery are essential to my well being. I know this from the huge support I had with Fizz and Jedi Boy….that short time provided me with the sleep, support and successful recovery. So should we really be saying NO to enhanced recovery?



By Bethanie Lunn of www.BethanieLunn.com  


I was recently asked to review Naked Noodles* for The Mumington Post and have to admit, at first I hesitated.  I like to eat organic food wherever possible and favour fresh over processed any day, no matter how convenient the ‘packet food’ appears to be.  I thought however, that this would make me a good candidate to test convenience food and delve into just how healthy it is…

When I think of noodle pots, I can’t help but think of well, Pot Noodle and my days as a poorly nourished, lazy student, gaining weight from all the hidden fat, sugar and salt.  I’ve not been near one for many years but today, potted noodles have evolved into something else.  Naked Noodles in particular claims to be healthy but filling, tasty and convenient making them ideal for Mums!


The Skinny

Naked Noodle Snack Pots come in eight flavours: Thai Sweet Chilli, Cantonese Hoisin Duck, Malaysian Laksa, Thai Tom Yum, Vietnamese Beef Pho, Japanese Teriyaki, Singapore Curry & Chinese Chow Mein.  The pots are ready to eat in just four minutes by adding hot water and leaving to stand.  The brand also offers a great stir-fry range that takes five minutes through boiling and are less than 1% fat.


You’ll recognize everything in the ingredients list – my way of agreeing to eat it!  If there are too many numbers or things you can’t pronounce, steer clear.  Naked Noodle uses egg noodles plus natural, real ingredients with no artificial colours or preservatives, that have simply been dried and rehydrate back to life when you add the hot water.  I also love how they embolden any ingredients on the pot for allergens so it’s easy to see what’s in it at a glance.

The Taste and Texture

I have to admit, I found them really tasty and genuine to flavor – easy to see why when you know that what you’re eating isn’t manufactured.  It surprised me, gladly.  My favourite was the Thai Sweet Chilli Garlic and onion, which is sweet with warming ginger followed by a burst of fiery chilli.  My Husband enjoyed Vietnamese Beef Pho with five spice, soy sauce, tomato and ginger all uplifted by a twist of coriander and chilli.

The water absorbed easily so I wasn’t left with a gloppy mess at the bottom of my cup and the noodles were pleasantly al dente – that is with an ideal slight bite.

The Best Bit

I loved the speed of it all, how it filled me up after one pot and how I knew what I was eating was a healthy choice – so no guilt!  For the week of testing, the Naked Noodle Snack Pots became something of a family go-to for easy meals.  I even tipped a pot onto my plate alongside a chicken salad.  No one would ever know 😉


How did they fair against competitors?

I also tested the Itsu Crystal Noodle Pots and Kabuto Noodles.


Kabuto is as quick to make and even lower in fat BUT there is more sugar and salt.  I loved the humour of the packs, ‘mediate or practice your karate while you wait’, it’s just the flavour didn’t pack enough of a punch and I wasn’t as full.  Itsu was sadly a huge let down for me.  Despite following instructions to the T, the noodles shrunk down to nothing (about three mouthfuls), slipped and slid everywhere- including down my front and had very little flavour with a large amount of diluted sauce at the bottom of the pot.

The verdict on Naked Noodles?  The winner for sure.  A quick fix for when you’ve no time but need to eat well – so that’s all the time right?

Bethanie x

*Disclosure: PR samples were provided for testing but all opinions are my own and this is an independent review.

This pregnancy I’ve been late to Pregnancy Pilates and it’s benefits but even if you’re in your last trimester Pilates can be amazing for easing a chest and pains and getting you prepared for birth. I spoke with Joannawho has been working with a team of bloggers at various stages of pregnancy.

9a193555ef98162b2f68c920ab6fad77_400x400How did you start out in business?

I started off my working life very differently, as a university lecturer publishing my research both nationally and internationally. Everything changed when I had my three boys… I have to confess that I didn’t (and still don’t!) find motherhood a breeze and it was exercise that enabled me to really cope with all the demands placed on me as a mother. I found it so effective that I decided to retrain as a specialist in pregnancy and postnatal fitness and Pilates – so in my 30s, and with three very young boys to look after, I became a fulltime student and trained in Pilates, pregnancy and postnatal fitness, personal training and a whole host of other fitness-related qualifications. I am always learning and studying and between now and the end of 2015 I have three courses I am attending.

What inspired you to start your Pilates programme online?

It wasn’t long after launching my local pregnancy and postnatal classes that I started to consider how best to reach more mums and mums-to-be – there are only so many classes I can teach a week! I looked quite seriously into franchising and I have had quite a number of people ask me over the years if I would be willing to take them on as franchises but the problem is that I am a bit of a perfectionist. I think I’d be the franchisor from hell! So I started to think about how best to enable as many new mums and mums-to-be to be able to benefit from high quality Pilates that is tailored specifically for this very special time in a woman’s life, without ever compromising on quality – the online route seemed to me to be the perfect solution as I have had complete quality control of all aspects of it from the written material, through to the filmed workouts. It has also enabled me to create a really holistic programme which, whilst online, does not simply abandon members – I really and truly am there and available to offer every member bespoke advice.

If you could recommend one exercise for a pregnant woman to do what would it be and why?

This might not be the coolest exercise to share but given the strains placed on the pelvic floor during pregnancy, labour and birth, I’d have to recommend that all mums-to-be master what is referred to as The Knack. Have a read, give it a go and then do it for ever after – it will enable you to get back into high impact exercise when the time is right, without worrying about what happens on landing…

What one piece of advice would you share with our pregnant readers or post natal mums?

Remember to always listen to the voice within you – your instinct as a mother and mother-to-be is very strong. Never ignore it and always stand up for yourself. If you feel uneasy about the advice being given to you then follow that feeling and get a second or even third opinion.


Great advice!!

As part of the interview I thought it would be fab to get everyones reviews in one place! So here is the big pregnancy pilates linky!

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Let the games begin when the all new feature length movie EQUESTRIA GIRLS: FRIENDSHIP GAMES lands on DVD and digital download 2nd November and we have a copy to give away!

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Before the Capture the Flag event can even begin, Cinch convinces Twilight to release all the magic she’s stolen onto herself to ensure Crystal Prep’s victory. In an epic showdown, Sunset and her friends face the ultimate foe, a magically charged Twilight Sparkle bent on tearing down the magical barrier between their world and Equestria!

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Over the course of the last year we have worked with Little Tikes on a few projects and throughly enjoyed it. It’s one of those brands that I remember as a child too and it’s been a brilliant opportunity to work with them with my children too. That’s why we’re supporting them during #Movember! 

Not ones to miss out on the fun, Little Tikes and its huge legion of social media fans are growing, preening and perfecting their moustaches in support of Movember. 

From the 1st November, Little Tikes is on the search for the best Movember moustache, be it a real one or a DIY one, made using the Little Tikes stencil. For every photo shared on their Twitter or Facebook page, £1.00 will be donated to the charity looking to change the face of men’s health. 

Every person who enters will be in with the chance of winning one of five exclusive Mr Cozy Coupe with moustache or one of many runners-up prizes. To get involved fans can download the seven moustache designs from www.littletikes.co.uk and choose which suits them. What’s more, look out for the team sporting their hairy creations, all in the name of charity! 

Michelle Lilley, Marketing Manager for Little Tikes said: “We are delighted to be supporting such a brilliant charity. We couldn’t resist giving our Cozy Coupe a little more hair for such a good cause. We hope to raise lots of money and support the research in to men’s health. As a brand loved by families for generations, we cannot wait to see the fantastic designs our fans will share and create.”

Visit the Little Tikes Facebook and Twitter pages now.