Fizz was sent one of the fab new MONSTER HIGH Boo York, Boo York™ Gala Ghoulfriends.

She received Mouscedes King™ (who has a rrp of £26.99), daughter of the Rat King; avoids looking cheesy in an Upper Beast Side dress with golden polka dots on the bodice, a gold foil tapered skirt and bright blue tiara; her mouse ears, tail and tufted fur are totally monsterrific!

The Monster High dolls are really up there with the little extras. Every doll comes with a hair brush. It drives me mad to see matty hair on a doll so this is a brilliant addition. The facial make up is brilliant with definition bought to each character too. The clothes are pretty rocking too.

 Fizz absolutely loved this doll and was so pleased she got Mouscedes. We gave her this doll as a treat for having a fantastic school report last wednesday evening and she was so excited. I asked if she would take her own photos this time and so she got all her dolls together for a MonsterRiffic selfie shoot!

Here are a few snaps!


Like the last doll we received to review this one also came with a display stand which Fizz loves. She sets up all her dolls together and we’ve found it actually saves space when she can display them properly.

Sing to Win!

To celebrate the launch of the DVD, Monster High has partnered with talented singer Dionne Bromfield on a new singing contest for kids – all they have to do is ‘Sing to Win!’ The prize is a recording studio session coached by Dionne, and their very own music video! The contest runs until 21st October and more info is found here

Boo York, Boo York is available on DVD & Digital Download from 12th October.

I am heading towards the third trimester and roller coaster speed and can’t help but feel that’s how this pregnancy had been so far. It’s whizzing by!

 At this point with Froglet I experienced my first bleed and now that I’m at that point this time I have been feeling anxious about a similar scenario, how it’s different trying to find parental cover with two children and also the general feeling that I should really pack a hospital bag now because before I know it this will all be really happening again.

  I know that previous pregnancies can impact on anxiety and I’m trying to stay calm and think positive about the last few months this time. Like any other mum with more than a bump I’m finding it difficult to soak this pregnancy in and have started having a bath at night to try and bond with my bump and take some relaxation time before time runs out.

 Obviously being summer and both kids at home mean that time in the day is limited and I often forget to look after me. I’ve found I drink 3 pints of squash once Gav is home from work because I’m obviously so busy I’m dehydrated when he gets home.

  I haven’t had an antenatal appointment for a while and since my last SPD seems to be creeping in. This happened towards the end of Froglets pregnancy and already I’m starting to limit activity so it’s pretty much two days and home and one day out. I’ve arranged a few play dates at home which helps relieve Fizzs boredom.

Bump wise it’s all looking good! Again I’m enjoying seeing my body change and grow (aches aside) and I’ve kept up taking a weekly photo to show bump growth. I do feel heavier this time but I’ve only popped on 6lbs so far which obviously as I’ve already got the previous two lots of baby weight to lose is not too scary!

  So how are you all doing? I promise not to leave it so long next time! 

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Considering I’ve been seriously lazy the last two weeks (or embracing those pregnancy aches as we should call it) we have had a crazy old week.

We have had the usual nursery/school pick ups and it seems it’s by the end of the week that things seems to pick up a little more.

This week can’t pass without a mention of my girls parents evening. Having never properly met her teacher (other than him being surrounding by children on school pick up) we didn’t know what to expect. I shouldn’t have been worried though as Fizz has made the transition from reception to Year 1 well and we’ve been told she’s very chatty (wonder who she gets that from) and she’s really absorbing everything in class. 

Jedi Boy has been constantly climbing and regularly uses that cheeky grin that toddlers get when they’re doing something they know they shouldn’t! 

 His day time naps are down to 1 which he has 9-11 so I manage to work and grab a bath around then. 

Yesterday we went to see my consultant about scheduling in bumps ‘birth’ day. It felt incredibly weird to be given the choice of two days for bump to be born. Having been told it’s unlikely we will get bumped to another day it’s now added to our calendar and countdown is starting. I know we were meant to choose a birth day with Jedi Boy too and never got to so it feels like that last element of the birth surprise has gone. Now it’s all about getting to term and being organised. However I do know that these babies like to sometimes arrive before a plan so one baby bag is packed and I’ll be doing my bag this weekend as well as making sure the Snuzpod we’ve been sent to use is ready for its tiny occupant. 

  I’ve decided not to share the date with anyone unless it’s a need to know so basically my sister and a friend who will be helping with the children and the small team I work with so that they know not to disturb me too. 

Today sees us hit 34 weeks pregnant. It’s no surprise that now I’m a regular at nightly loo trips but also that sneezing and coughing are able to create a little accident. 

The baby seems to be engaging and dis engaging a lot which seems to be quite usual in a third pregnancy. I’ve started wearing pads for extra ‘protection’ but what really sucks is I’ve still got thrush. It comes and goes but the last few days 100% coconut oil or a barrier cream seem to help ease the discomfort. Apparently it’s really common during pregnancy and it’s not uncommon to go after the baby’s born as your hormones level back out. However I’ll be back at the Dr next week to see what else we can do. I’ve been doing my pelvic floor exercises which are super important to do during pregnancy and encourage you all to give a squeeze as you read!

So that’s my weekly update! How has your week been? 


In just a few weeks I’ll hopefully having a planned c-section. After coming through two emergency sections this is the most sensible option for me and my body. I’ve often been asked what I packed for my last planned section and although it didn’t end up as planned as we expected I did manage to pack for every eventuality. You see packing for a c-section is not as different to a vaginal birth bag as you think.

IMG_1516.JPGSo what do you really need?

Your maternity notes – sounds simple but with baby brain you never know!

Comfy and lose clothing. I have got to say this – it doesn’t necessarily have to be maternity or nursing wear but lose clothing helps around your tummy so pop in a pair of yoga style pants. Nursing tops are great for skin to skin but if money is tight why not try a size up in vest tops? I used a set of ‘normal’ vest tops during my hospital stay and then for wearing to bed for night feeds. I kept my best nursing clothes for daytime use. However for support I’ll be taking my Bravado maternity bra.

Take a few spare pairs of maternity pants or size up again. You will bleed as much as a vaginal birth. That was a bit of a shocker to me first time around as I thought they cleaned you all up and out. Maternity pads by the dozen! You’ll need at least 3 packs in those first days and although the hospital usually supply them it’s worth having your own so you don’t have to keep asking for your own or their stock to be replenished.

OhYo collapsable bottle (RRP £5.49) These were great – pop them in your bag collapsed to save space and use to take small sips during labour. Our labour ward gives jugs of water and plastic cups to each patient These were also great on the ward to avoid spills and also to make sure I kept up my fluid intake. You’ll be bed bound for anything up to 3 days depending on your recovery so add a bottle of squash to your bag and some snacks that can be kept close for easy reach.

Your mouth can be very dry (especially if you do go into labour before your section and have gas and air!) so water bottles are great for any hospital bag!

IMG_2087.JPGI took some foot spray, hand sanitiser and hand cream in my hospital bag. Perfect for cleaning anything from change mat to water spills and also keeping everyone hands a bit cleaner (if you have siblings visiting this is essential). The hand cream was perfect for soothing my dry skin on hands and feet especially feet – I may have got away with cankles in pregnancy but I was surprised with tight swelling post birth. It was painful so I could only wear flip flops and any cold spray or gel on my feet felt amazing.

A hydrating toner spray – My skin felt dry after gas and air as well as just getting very tired during labour too. I loved the smell of it and would definitely recommend this or something similar for heaping you to feel a little fresher.You can spritz on face or body to feel a bit cooler.

Other toiletries I relied on were face wipes (for those times you can’t or dont have help to have a wash in bed), deodorant, dry shampoo, hair brush, toothbrush and tooth paste. But these are your usual essentials for everyone really! Think about the things that make you feel more normal at home. Although dont pack nail polish…no one on the ward will forgive you if you do.

And finally you’ll need your phone charger and possibly a back up charger. You need enough juice to share your exciting news!

What essentials are going into your hospital bag?

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Last  month Frugi got in touch and asked if they could send me a little pregnancy treat from their Frugi Wear For Mamas. As I’ve mainly known them for doing children’s wear and their limited edition Tots Bots nappies I was curious about what I would recieve.

 A little while after I got this lovely Green Breton Stripe Tunic top (priced at £40) and some roll top yoga leggings (priced at £35) in the post.

 On opening I was really impressed with the feel of the material on both. It was lovely and soft with such a quality feel. The tunic felt like it is a perfect Autumn to Winter piece with it’s long arms. I loved the length of the tunic which was flattering over the bump and covered my bum. It goes with leggings or jeans and feels a very versatile pregnancy piece. What’s also great though is it has a hidden breastfeeding panel which means the top will last me through a winter of feeding our newest addition come his arrival in November. It isn’t ruched like many maternity to breastfeeding tops/dresses which is a niggle of mine. Frog get tops marks for this piece.

 The roll top yoga leggings are again made of fantastic material and feel really lovely on. They didn’t go baggy at the knee like other leggings can do. The only thing I found with these is that they were too long. At 5ft3 the material covered my feet. You can roll these up but for me they were a little too long. I passed this feedback on to the PR and offered to post them back but do feel that my niggles were taken seriously. Hopefully a petite version will be on the cards next collection.

Overall though I am so impressed with the Frugi Mother range. I have gone back and found a perfect dress for me to wear but it’s sold out! Trust me to be behind with getting myself a breastfeeding wardrobe sorted! But I also love their wrap top in the stripes too.

Please do check this brand out they definitely are a #rockthebump favourite.