Is it your place to hide away from the rest of the world, or is it always full of friends and family?

Our home had changed so so much over the last few years. It’s gone from a party house to a family home. Friday night were always met with the excitement of a take out, wine and getting ready together to go out. 

I left uni and moved into the flat with my sister nearly 14 years ago now. I lived here when it was party central. It was rarely quiet and instead of a dinner table we had a full sized pool table.

  When my sister moved out we had a few years of lodgers and within months of meeting Gav he moved in with us too. We had lots of gig nights and Sunday’s were at the nearest nice pub with cider and the Sunday papers. This is the home we planned our wedding in.


 When Fizz was born our lodgers changed to people we knew already but when Fizz turned 3 the flat turned into a family home for the 3 of us. Now there are 5 of us and our 3 bedroom flat just fits the 5 of us in nicely! 

This is the home our children were bought home to.   


 Next year we will hopefully start looking and find a new home. Mortgages work very differently to ten years ago. Our first mortgage was relatively easy to get and went through quickly. The first year full of odd jobs and renovations. Yes this time we know it may not be as simple but it’s exciting thinking of getting our second family home. One that’s a house with a garden. I’ve been keeping track of interest rates too! 

Santander want to hear about your experiences of being a homeowner, having a mortgage, and just what your first year on the property ladder was like and would love for you to share yours using the #HistoryOfMyHome hashtag! 


During my maternity leave I asked for a few friends to come and tell me all about what BlogBumpClub and pregnancy blogging has meant to them. Today it’s Abbie!

Hiya! My name is Abigail Bryony or Abbie as most people know me as. I’m a 25 year old northern girl and I have a 3 year old daughter called Lily who doesn’t stop talking! I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant and due early February. My blog combines my love of photography with wanting to document myself and my daughters life and what we get up to. I found out about blogbumpclub from Emily from EmilyandIndiana after messaging her asking if she knew of any good pregnancy linkys!

What encouraged you to write about your pregnancy and how did you announce it to the blogging world?
I kept an online diary during my pregnancy with Lily and it’s been so helpful and interesting to look back on and it and see how my pregnancy differs this time round. Although I did a lot of writing during Lily’s pregnancy I regret the overall lack of photos and so I wanted to combine writing and video/photo updates this time round so I have both to look back on. I announced my pregnancy on both my Youtube channel and my blog and had great fun filming the announcement and taking photos.
Are there any blogs which helped you during your pregnancy and how have they done so?
All pregnancy blogs help me! I love reading about other peoples experiences and going through their journeys with them too.
How has blogbumpclub helped you during your pregnancy or after?
Blogbumpclub has given me the chance to reach out and connect to other pregnant bloggers and new mums as with my first pregnancy I didn’t really know any at all. It’s made such a difference having people to chat to this time round!
How has online life helped you during your pregnancy and into motherhood?
Massively. If I have any questions or worries I have people I can talk to about it now.
If you had to pick one pregnancy or newborn post from another blogger who would you pick and why?
Charlotte Taylor at Write like no-ones Watching post titled ‘I’m grateful, but this is hard’  is one of my favourites to this day. I felt the same as Charlotte but she managed to write it down in a much more eloquent way than I ever could! I wanted this pregnancy so badly and end up suffering with hyperemesis through the first half of it which came as a bit of a shock as I didn’t have it in Lilys pregnancy. I felt so miserable with it and felt guilty for feeling so bad when I should be so happy and grateful for my pregnancy. Her post really struck a chord with me.
Catch Abbie over on twitter to follow her family adventures!

During my maternity leave I asked for a few friends to come and tell me all about what BlogBumpClub and pregnancy blogging has meant to them. Today it’s my lovely friend and Instagram baby spammer Hannah! I met Hannah two years ago at a local event and she’s just the most supportive lovely person ever. Whether it’s a bit of support by text or tweet she’s just a fab mate! Over to Hannah…

Hullo! I’m Hannah and I blog at Make, Do and Push!
I can’t remember exactly how I found blogbumpclub… I think it was probably from stalking other pregnant bloggers/tweeters while I was horrifically broody and unable to start conceiving baby #2 yet as had a wedding to plan and a dress to fit into! I have two children: “Busby” who is almost three and “Indy” who is almost 5 months old.

I love being pregnant, so that was inspiration enough to write about my pregnancies… It helps that I’m an oversharer too I guess. I announced it via my blog in this post – I used Miffy and the Baby to help us.

I really loved reading pregnancy blogs such as  A Baby On Board when I was very broody as it helped me think about what pregnancy would be like with another little one around. I also enjoyed reading other blogs from bloggers who were pregnant at the same time as me – Great North Mum,  for example and My Family Fever.


Blogbumpclub was a fantastic support throughout my pregnancy and still is now! Not only is the linky fab for finding new blogs and Mamas who are pregnant at the same time as you, but the Facebook group has kept me sane through many a mad moment and has been wonderful for information and support. 

We relocated to Yorkshire at the end of last year and only moved to this new area in April so I don’t really know anyone and it’s been very lonely. It’s so lovely to be able to chat to other Mamas online – stops you feeling quite so alone.

If you had to pick one pregnancy or newborn post from another blogger who would you pick and why?

Oh gosh… Just one? I really enjoyed reading about Sarah’s home birth. I had Indy at home a few months before she had Gabe, and it was so lovely to read that she’d had a wonderful experience too. 

I’m Sam, and I blog at mostly about parenting, but also a few other lifestyle bits in there too!  I have two daughters, Ella who is 2 years old and Sienna who was born in May 2015!  I used to read all the #BlogBumpClub posts when Molly was leading it, before I was even pregnant with Sienna.  So, it was fab to link my posts up when I too was a pregnant blogger! View Post

On 23rd November our baby boy was supposed to make his planned entrance into the world. Little did we know that he would be so impatient! Arriving at 38 weeks exactly we are now having a baby moon but some of the companies that I have worked with during the last couple of years (two pregnancies, two early arrivals and two boy bumps!) have offered to send one lucky reader something from their goody pile to make up the best hospital and new mum bag EVER! View Post