Are You Decorating On A Budget?


Saving money is always important and all of us want to avoid overspending on things in our lives. Living frugally is a great way to save for things that matter and it is always good to find new ways to save on everyday things.

Today we are looking into decorating, and how you can save some money when redecorating your house this winter.

Do It Yourself

Although the pros might get the job done quicker, it is often much better for you to attempt the job yourself when decorating or remodelling the home. The beauty of living in the world we do today is the fact that YouTube exists, and it means that when we want to find out how to screw in a lightbulb or grout tiles all we need to do is search. Take a look for online tutorials and often you’ll be able to complete a simple household upgrade without spending a ton of money on a professional.

Rearrange the Furniture

Who says that every time you want to update the house you have to go out and buy new stuff? Let’s face it; a lot of us are hoarders, and often there will be ample furnishings in our home that can be rearranged or repurposed into something new. An unused trolley could become a mobile bar; a reading chair could move to the bookshelf; and blankets and cushions can be shuffled between the bedroom and living room. Look at the things you already have at home before you think about adding anything else and this will make a huge difference to your home.

Secondhand it

One of the other things we often take for granted is secondhand stores. There are so many stores online that offer Furniture clearance sales and they will sell for much less than a new piece. Most of the time, a secondhand piece of furniture may even be perfect in condition and this means you are spending less and getting the same quality!

Paint it

A good lick of paint can change the whole dynamic of a room. If you want to update the design of your living room without spending too much money, buy a couple of tins of paint and get going! If you have neutral coloured accessories and furniture it will be super easy to choose a new colour scheme and you can have fun flicking through the IKEA catalogue for inspiration. If you already have brightly coloured furniture, your options will be a little more limited however this does not mean you can’t still paint a new colour on the walls. For example if you previously had dark blue walls and pink accessories, you can switch dark blue to green for a refreshing new take.

Layer up

If you have a few different textures or fabrics lying around in the living room, you can layer these up and create depth in design to spruce up the space. For example, layering a laminate floor with a fur rug, leather couch and plush cushions for a stunning effect. 


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