App Review // Shopkins Happy Place

Fizz is at the age now where she has her own tablet and is definitely part of the tech generation.

She loves to try out different apps and was happy to be sent a chance to review the FREE app from Kuato Studios – Shopkins Happy Places App with a little budget to spend on in app purchases.

The app was easy to find on the App Store and Fizz got into how it worked quickly. She’s 8 (that age range is 5-8) and does know around an iPad so this may be different for younger users. We’ve tried it on an iPhone as well as an iPad and it’s equally as good on both.

She found the app really easy to use and sent me a screen shot of what she had been doing while testing it out. She loved being able to decorate and then share her #HouseGoals. She’s already found she can create to earn petkins or unlock new places to go.

I love that is very much aimed at Fizz and her creativity. She can design rooms from furniture to wallpaper. She has the choice to purchase extra items.

Once she has designed her spaces she can take photos and send them to me. But also she can earn points towards extra items by building up her interior design skills!

I do also love the grown up area when you can set play time limits. I would like Fizz to earn screen time so this is a fab way of doing this too.

The app is free to download and additional items can be purchased. I’d advise parents to set a passcode so that your child comes to ask and you enter rather than leaving their device open.

You can purchase the official licensed app here: Shopkins Happy Places by Kuato Games


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