Announcing Our Ambassador Role With The FA (Football Association)

Announcing Our Ambassador Role With The FA (Football Association)
We are thrilled to announce that Team McCann, and predominantly Fizz, are involved in a fabulous new project with BritMums and the Football Association. The project is all about women’s football and getting girls involved with their local clubs.
Fizz has been eager to play football at school for around 18 months now and won’t be able to join up until September (Year 3). The project seemed a brilliant way of maintaining her focus and interest up until then and during her football playing years. I wanted to be able to showcase the best of Women’s football and show her the excellent role models already playing the game.
It’s so important for us as parents to encourage children and their desires. Who knows if Fizz plays well we could one day be watching her professionally! The FA invited us to the SSE Women’s FA Cup Final as our first introduction to professional women football and I have to say it was amazing. It felt such an honour to show Fizz and a friend to this event.
As the girls I took are both 7 I did wonder about their attention to the game but they were amazed. Fizz and her friend watched intently and cheered at every goal too. Fizz took the mexican crowd wave very seriously too and instilled a little extra fun. Both girls had so many questions (I am seriously going to have to brush up on my footy knowledge!). When it came to half time they were so eager to go back and watch the second half too.
At the end of the match the girls loved seeing all the celebration and waited early to try and get their programmes signed (especially from a namesake goal scorer). They didn’t manage autographs but were quite happy high fiving the team as they went to collect the cup.
I have to admit the whole event made me feel quite emotional. It was such an overwhelming experiencing to take Fizz to something like this.
At the moment it seems like such an important age to ensure she feels capable of doing whatever she wants. It’s SATS this year and as much as it feel like she is unaware of tests it does feel like we need a lot of downtime and enjoyment outside of school hours. This event gave us the focus we need to find something she enjoys but that also helps her relax. We cannot wait to see what the FA have in store for us for Ambassadors!
Until next time don’t forget to check out your local teams to see how you can support Women’s Football in your local area!

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  1. July 8, 2017 / 9:34 am

    Yay! We’re loving being a part of this, and it’s a great time to have a girl who loves football – there’s so much support out there for the game and to encourage young un’s to take part at grassroots level.

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