Amazing Ways To Make The Most Of Your Back Garden This Winter

Our outdoor spaces can provide so much more than just access to fresh air and natural light. They can be somewhere to sit and read. Or you might use them for a little Yoga practice. Maybe the kids like to play out there? Even in the winter as a family, we need to consider how to use our outside space. We have two toddlers who have so much energy and we need to get outside every day. So, what can we do to make their days and ours easier…

Kids Play Area

Just because it is cold doesn’t mean that you can’t use your garden. Kids become restless when stuck indoors, so why not create a play area outdoors? Garden tents from Garden & Camping are perfect for the winter months to keep children sheltered from the wind and rain whilst they play outside! It’s a great way to keep them active during the colder season whilst keeping them close to home and the warm when the heavens really decide to open! They’re even a great idea for hosting children’s parties or setting up art and crafts for the family. We can’t wait to have a huge garden with a children’s playhouse for the kids to get creative in!  


If you would like to invest in something more long term that could eventually be turned into a reading den throughout the year as the children get older, then a playhouse might be a good option. Add a few big bean bags inside and some LED fairy lights and it’s a little heavenly space come rain or shine!

You may need a storage area for their outdoor toys too. Playhouses can double up as somewhere to house bikes, scooters, and other ride-on toys. We are overrun with these toys and I am sure we will be adding more to the collection this Christmas. We have a path and circular hard standing area that the kids love to use as their imaginary race track.


Dining Area

You may have a patio or decking area already in your garden. These make the ideal spots to enjoy outdoor dining all year round. A gazebo or large parasol can provide cover from short showers.

It’s best to have your dining section close to the cooking area. You may have a designated spot for your barbecue already. If not, consider a little hard standing area that will be suitable. Alternatively, consider installing your patio area near to or adjacent to the patio doors of your home. That way you can just step in and out. It’s like adding a whole room to your home.


It’s always nice to have plenty of green stuff in your garden. You may have some lawn and some shrubs. Flowers add lots of vibrant colours that can be an attractive view from your sun lounger or living room window. Think about grouping colours together. Or maybe have two contrasting colours making up your garden palette. If you have them in pots, they can be moved about from time to time to revamp the area.

Do you have a veggie patch? It’s really nice to grow your own herbs, vegetables and fruit. Nothing beats the taste of fresh food straight from your garden. It is also a fun way to give the kids a little responsibility over the summer months. There are also many vegetables and fruits that will grow in containers if you don’t have a lot of space.

Private Corner

If you are hoping for a bit more privacy at home, you could create a private corner in your garden. Trees, climbers, and hedges can all create green walls to stop the nosy neighbours looking in. You can also build a garden wall, add high fencing, or even install arbours and gazebos. All of these can create that private little corner you’re looking for.

Once you have your secluded area, you can use it for lots of things, maybe as a quiet space to read a book. Or if the weather is bright grab your hoodie and you can practice some Yoga or Tai Chi. How about installing a hot tub? And enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one without worrying about the neighbours seeing you in your bathers. 

What will you be doing in your back garden this winter? Try one of these amazing ways to make the most of your time outdoors. And enjoy your space whatever the weather.


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  1. June 10, 2016 / 11:47 pm

    We are so lucky to have a biggish garden so the kids have their own area, we have an eating area and there is plenty of room to run around too 🙂

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