A Weekend Of Quality Family Summer Time Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune


The great thing about summer is that it offers families a chance to create magical memories without always staying indoors. However, some of those tasks can cost a pretty penny. Any opportunity to cut those costs without reducing the fun should be grabbed with open arms. Here are five top tips to help you achieve that goal.


Utilise the home. There’s no doubt that it’s great to get outside and explore the world, even if it’s only your local town. However, you can have plenty of fun at home too, especially in the garden. Encourage your children to take an interest in gardening, and you can spend hours together without spending anything. Meanwhile, BBQs and small parties can be the perfect way to enjoy time in the sun with extended relatives.


Make smarter decisions. My family lives in Brighton, so we could easily spend vast sums of money on the pier rides and arcades. However, we could have just as much fun by spending a few hours on the beautiful beaches. Of course, we might still enjoy a short amount of time on the pier activities. Nonetheless, avoiding ideas that drain money in quick time is always advised. Regardless of where you live, this type of organisation will have a telling influence.



Look for deals and promos. With online special offers, you can often secure a huge discount on trips to restaurants and attractions. Meanwhile, it’s often possible to save money on travel by booking early or using group saver codes. In some cases, it’s also worth thinking about annual passes for local places like aquariums and zoos. As long as you’ll use them, it could save you a lot of money over the year. Whatever activity you’re planning to do, cutting down the cost through a little research is always worth the effort. Why pay more than you need to?


Complete a sporting activity. Playing games is a great way to stimulate the mind as well as the body. Tennis, rounders, and football are all games that can be enjoyed by every member of the family. Take a picnic with you to the park, and you’ll be set for hours of cheap fun. Alternatively, you could explore new territories by cycling or walking. Given that most parents are constantly looking for ways to get their kids more active too, this option is always a fantastic option.


Visit a friend or family member. Time with loved ones is the greatest gift of all, and the surprise element is sure to put a smile on the faces of your kids. In many cases, you’ll get free accommodation and can make the road trip fun too. It’s like having a mini break without the cost while seeing your favourite people in the process. Moreover, you can offer to return the favour in a few weeks time to ensure the fun continues. It’s cheap, fun, and a glorious way to enjoy the sun. When combined with some of the ideas above too, it’s sure to be a weekend you’ll never forget.


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