A Review // The Joolz Geo As A Double Buggy

I’ve been testing 6 combination buggies over the Christmas period. Combination buggies are what they say in the name – they are prams/buggies that have a variety of different combinations to use them. These can be used as single or double buggies and parents have the option of world facing, parent facing, single, double,  carrycot or carseat, toddler seats.

As you can imagine the task set by Mother and Baby magazine to test these out has been a lengthy and really eye opening task especially as we’ve owned and quickly passed on our original double buggy! This review is about the Joolz Geo which we were loaned for the purpose of the magazine review.

What’s in the box?

In the box? In 5 boxes overall! Hats of to Joolz for excessive packaging but also making it cool too. There are patterns on each box to make ships and other fun stuff for the older kids to do.

Box 1 – wheels and frame

Box 2 – upper seat unit and carrycot fabric

Box 3 – lower seat unit and carrycot fabric

Box 4 – fabric, sunhood and basket

Box 5 – saddle side bag, upper adapters, lower adapters, upper rain cover and lower rain cover

First Impressions

WTF are all these boxes about….

I hate it, honestly this is the most fiddly buggy I have ever had to put together and I nearly caved in and put it all away never to review it. Oh the fabric is pretty.

The Build

The is possibly the worst build I have ever done and thats saying something. For a really expensive buggy I didn’t expect to have to zip fabric on and off to switch between carrycot and seat unit for both seats. It was fiddley and actually made my hands hurt.

The frame is easy to set up and was done in 5 minutes. The seat units I did over two days because I got so frustrated with it all. I won’t lie it was a pain in the backside.

Favourite Features

I loved the fabric colour and the shape of the frameIn single mode the basket is amazing! You could actually fit a baby in it, or a dog if you’re going to be out walking yours!

The Niggles

The lower seat unit doesnt shape to a full on seat and the hood is super small. At 1 year old Beatlebum’s head was right at the top of the hood. From bum to feat it was more like a carrycot and although he looked comfy in it I was a little unsure. It did mean however there was space for a clutch style change bag and snacks for the boys.

The Push

After all the faff of getting it together the push was amazing. I actually really loved it to push, it has great suspension and was lovely BUT it did have a let down the leather handle was not a very good fin is and felt quite rough in places too.

Overall thoughts?

The buggy is super stylish but the build is head aching stuff. Great for single mode but I’m not convinced this is great as a double option even if it is a good push. The bottom seat wouldn’t last us much longer at all and for the price I was expecting a lot more from Joolz.

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