A Review of The Uppababy Vista Double Buggy

I’ve been testing 6 combination buggies over the Christmas period. Combination buggies are what they say in the name – they are prams/buggies that have a variety of different combinations to use them. These can be used as single or double buggies and parents have the option of world facing, parent facing, single, double,  carrycot or carseat, toddler seats. As you can imagine the task set by Mother and Baby magazine to test these out has been a lengthy and really eye opening task especially as we’ve owned and quickly passed on our original double buggy!

The first buggy to get the Toddler x 2 test was the Uppababy Vista. I’d seen this one a few times and it’s well known for its red or yellow colour pack!

What’s in the box?

We received 2 boxes and this is what they had inside

One pram frame



Seat Unit

Rumble seat

Adapters for the second seat unit

First Impressions

The biggest box with the frame and the main seat in was so heavy! It did have a carrycot in there as well. The back wheels were quite substantial.

The Build

The pram itself was easy to build. It was simply a attach the wheels and slot in the seat. In single mode we were up and ready to go within 15 minutes of it arriving at our front door.

The second seat was easy to add on with the adapters and then you use another set to raise the higher seat (I didn’t do this the first time but you can see there was still loads of space)

Favourite Features

The massive basket is brilliant – Even with the second seat on it’s very generous depending which child is using the rumble seat.

I loved that the buggy could be dual facing in double mode. I had thought both boys would love to face me and chat (probably not hey) but having the world facing option to means you can mix it up as well.

The height of the top seat is amazing in single and double mode. Both boys loved being up high and able to chat to me on their walks.

The Niggles

The seat space wouldn’t last Jedi much longer. At 29 months he is quite tall for his age (I think but then again I’m only 5ft3) and his head hit the top of both seats while in use. However he did seem quite comfy enough to have a sleep.

The silver panel on the hood does bring the aesthetic down on the buggy, it’s not study and I felt could be easily ripped over time or become misshaped.

The Push

For a big and heavier buggy the push on this was lovely. I had no problem manoeuvring around Christmas shoppers, a busy school playground, over the rough terrain near Brighton racecourse as well as taking it out for a lunch at Pizza Express.

We mainly use public transport and it was easy to get on and off buses as well as through doors in the shops.

Overall thoughts?

I did like the push of the buggy as well as the various seat options. The niggles that I do have are small aesthetic ones and also the weight. I will say double buggies are quite a bit heavier generally as they need to take the weight of a baby and a toddler. Jedi weighs 2 stone and Beatlebum is around 1 stone. This obviously will always make a huge difference to any weight issues!


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