A Review of The Mothercare Genie Pram in Double Mode

I’ve been testing 6 combination buggies over the Christmas period. Combination buggies are what they say in the name – they are prams/buggies that have a variety of different combinations to use them. These can be used as single or double buggies and parents have the option of world facing, parent facing, single, double,  carrycot or carseat, toddler seats.

As you can imagine the task set by Mother and Baby magazine to test these out has been a lengthy and really eye opening task especially as we’ve owned and quickly passed on our original double buggy! This review is about the Mothercare Genie we had to review which we have since passed onto a family member .

What’s in the box?

You get two boxes – one with the genie and single mode in and another with the seat.

The buggies come with a foot muff for the single seat and rain covers.

First Impressions

For a lower end price it does look quite stylish, the frame is a lovely shape. The basket wasn’t as big as I expected.

The Build

I found that the buggy was so easy to set up and was up and ready in 20 minutes. I had to spend a short time adjusting the carrycot into a seat (like some others we tested it doesnt come with a separate carrycot and seat for single use.

Favourite Features

My favourite feature on the Mothercare Genie  that you can change the length of the frame between single and double mode which means the buggy looks balanced in both modes. You can also extend if you need the basket to be bigger when not using the second seat too.


The Niggles

I thought the fabric colour of grey was a lovely colour and material but this did nt match well with the white fabric used on the inner hood and footmuff which could get dirty very quickly. I would’ve liked to see consistency of colour.

The Push

The Mothercare Genie  is amazingly light even in double mode! I also tried it with two 2 year olds in and it handled really well. It felt a bit wobbly but thats a balance with the lightweight. I found it so easy to bump down stairs and also on the bus. In double mode it was quite long as so did take up 3 buggy spaces! However it was great to get on and off the bus and push around town.

Overall thoughts?

For a low cost double the Mothercare Genie is amazing value, a few tweaks to the fabric and it’d be a winner!




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