A Review Of The iCandy Peach As A Double Buggy

What’s in the box?

I got two larger boxes which had the main frame and seat then second seat unit in it. The cup holder, footmuffs and adapters come in their own smaller boxes.

First Impressions

It is very shiny! I’m not sure I would go for the shiny chrome frame but there is a black frame option too. I did like the shape of the buggy and the fact it has a huge basket.

The Build

I was good to go within 10 minutes. You have to attach the wheels and adapters but other than that slot the seats in and you are done.

Favourite Features

My favourite features are the larger hood, the massive basket and the seat shape. I also loved the truffle colour which was a nice classic colour and easy to clean.

The Niggles

The lower seat doesn’t have an adjustable footrest so when you lie the seats back the length can be limited. Jedi was a bit tall for the seat hood and does skim the top but he has slept so well in this buggy so it can’t be uncomfortable for him.

The shininess. But like I said the frame can be switched to a black frame.

The Push

It can feel quite heavy to push uphill when both boys are in the buggy but also on rough terrain and rocky paths it does feel like it’s super sturdy too. It’s easy to bump up and down kerbs and our flat with both boys in though which is a big plus for a second floor flat!

Overall thoughts?

Typically this buggy has changed my mind on the brand. I’ve been put off by the shiny frame before but in terms of practicality and style this buggy makes a fab single and double for the larger family. The basket is a winner for two nursery bags and school lunches as well as my work bag! Stylish, shiny and super practical.


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