A Little Bathroom Laze Goes A Long Way

Over the weekend I have more time for a long soak. I love having the ritual of a bath and a book before everyone starts their day. This 1/2 hour on the weekend of pure luxury for me. After showers and baths often shared with a child in the week a bath which is far more indulgent is needed.

I have worked with Olverum in the past and now their luxury bath oil is one of the staples of this weekend treat. I open the bottle and am transported into a calm environment where I can completely switch off.

As I grow older I now tend to understand my purchases too. Where once I wouldn’t spend more than a few pounds on my skincare products I will now spend a decent amount on a good quality product for my skin. I don’t treat myself as often as I would pre children and no have less disposable income. However I will now spend on items that will last and that make me feel good.

Olverum is one of those products. A bottle lasts a long time as you only need a little to fill the bathroom with it’s elegant scent. The aroma isn’t over powering but is delicate and unique. I often find myself longing for that weekend treat long before it comes around. Who am I kidding – we all know that I now will be using this product more regularly now my self care routine is one of my non negotiables!

I’d love to know what you cannot do with out for your own self care too!


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