A Lazy (?!) Week At Home and Starting To Nest 

A Lazy (?!) Week At Home and Starting To Nest 

This week we’ve been pretty much confined at home as Jedi Boy was poorly. When I say it was a lazy week it wasn’t quite that but we did stay pretty much in the house until Friday where we managed to escape for the school run and a visit to where Daddy works. 

This week though I’ve managed to handover some client work (good timing, right?), taken two exciting deliveries and started to think about what we need ready for baby. I’ve ordered breastfeeding clothes that I can use now and post birth (so maternity style too). Our double buggy and Snuzpod arrived too making nesting and clearing space a priority so we said goodbye to two of the lovely single buggies we have had for review to new homes with Pippa and Sian.

I’m 32 weeks now and as I’d been in a lot already by this stage last year I’ve had a makeshift bag packed for a few weeks just in case. The next load ready in my washing machine is full of baby clothes and newborn nappies. I’ll be working with the first cloth company I ever worked with on a special Cloth From Day 1 Instagram diary and there is so much choice that I’ve pretty much got a newborn nappy from everyone they stock! Choosing the prints was difficult so for one delivery I opted for a surprise! I can’t wait to cloth bum from newborn!

Here are the photos of our week!


babywearing to pick Fizz up from the bus stop


the cat joins me for peace and quiet in the bathroom


whats in the box?



new wheels for the boys


washing our newborn cloth nappies


silly times with Fizz

take a photo of me laughing!


32 weeks in 2014 and 32 weeks in 2015


I’ve got a few more things planned this week now Jedi Boy can go back to nursery! 


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