A daddy’s musical education

This week daddy mc has helped me out to share his views on Fizz and her growing love of music as well as his ideas of musical education….


When you’re a dad-to-be who also happens to be a singer / songwriter, sometimes DJ and general music enthusiast (read: ‘snob’) , a phrase you hear quite a lot is “wow…. the baby’s going to have great taste in music…” – so you smile gently whilst insisting that “there’ll be no pressure, whatever music my child likes is fine with me”. Wind forward to the day of birth. Fizz already owns Clash and Pixies baby clothes, and has been played Beach Boys through headphones on Mummy’s tummy whilst in utero….

….Because it’s so hard not to. Whilst no-one wants their children to grow up as their clones, we still have values close to our hearts and loves that we are keen to share with them – and in the same way some parents buy football kits for newborns, some can’t resist opportunities to sing and play music to their offspring, hoping they’ll smile, dance or even try to join in. It’ll hurt the day she starts singing along to the next pop sensation, dismissing my ‘old fashioned’ music, but it’ll come and I’ll have to take it on the chin the same way my own father did when I first found pop music and rejected his ‘country and western rubbish’.

Ultimately Fizz will find her own way and taste, whether we approve or not, and that’s exactly as it should be. I’m obviously praying for some common ground, but the thing I try to remember is there’s a whole universe of sounds out there – and the important thing is making her aware of a universal language that can entertain, communicate, uplift and inspire. As early as we could we tried to ensure Fizz has instruments to play (although in fairness she currently thinks the whole world is a drum to be hit with sticks at every opportunity) and is encouraged to embrace and be aware of all kinds of music. From TV choices (Zingzillas is a godsend in this regard) to CDs and radio, we make an effort to let Fizz hear an eclectic mix of music.

All music is valuable and means something to someone, at different times in life. I can’t promise I won’t TRY to influence her a little… but hey – it’s what us muso types do, and as sure as I ended up embracing Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, she’ll doubtlessly take something from my music. Incidentally, want to know who her current favourite bands actually are?…. It’s whoever plays the theme tunes for ‘Timmy Time’ and ‘Chuggington’. She practically slam dances to ‘em every time.

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