A Confidence Boosting Haircut // Saying No To The Mum Bob! 

Since 2009 my hair has always longer. I started the year with a pixie cut and by the time my daughter was born it was long and flowing.

 It’s been pretty much a mum bob from chin to shoulder since then.

Last week as the post natal hair fall out started I thought about how I wanted to be styled. I know it takes me a year to grow my hair from pixie cut to long length and so if I changed my mind after and realise long hair is for me then I can always go back to it too.

Last week I went for the chop. I love Mooch in Brighton and managed to bag an on the day appointment slot. James listened to what I wanted and also browsed through the NothingButPixies Instagram feed with me too. I wanted something like this. Full of texture but adapting as my fringe is a short blunt one.

James came up with a very 60s inspired adaptation which I love. It’s made me feel a lot more confident. I’ve no long hair to hide behind.

It is taking me a while to get used to styling it but I think I’m doing ok?

I’ve bought a couple of hair bands that look cute and will be experimenting some more with colour while its short! I do love the colour in the Instagram photo but I’ve been told it can be difficult as I’ve dyed mine red recently.

What do you think?

How do you feel when you’ve had a hair cut?

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