9 Big Issues When Moving Home

Moving to a new home is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. After all, this will have a big impact on your social circles, your entertainment options and even your quality of life as a whole. If you are struggling to make this all-important decision, this guide is here to give you a push in the right direction so you can clarify your thoughts and really find a place that suits you perfectly. Obviously, everyone’s priorities are slightly different, so we will take a general approach here which will help the average person when looking for a new home. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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The Availability of Work


First of all, you need to think about what you will be doing to make a living. You may have a job lined up already which is the reason you are moving, but if things don’t work out, it is worth thinking about if there are many backup opportunities. If you are moving into a city centre, the availability of work tends to be high but so too does the cost of living so this is something that you will need to balance out carefully. Of course, your job is only one factor in your move, but you don’t want to choose a place in which opportunities are limited and you are forced to move to a new place quickly.


Cost of Living


The cost of living is a major factor in your move. After all, the same salary can stretch a lot further out in the countryside than it can in the heart of a big city. So, before you move, it is worth researching the cost of your everyday essentials and entertainment so you know exactly what you will be able to afford to do once you get there. The last thing that you want to happen is for you to move to your new place only to find that you don’t have enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle.


Transportation Options


What is your proximity to major transport hubs like a train station, bus line and airport? Also, think about what major roads are located in the area and how easily you will be able to get from place to place. Another factor which is worthwhile factoring into your decision is the length of your commute. Reducing this by just a few minutes each way will end up saving you hours every year – just think what you could do with that time! Not only this, a shorter commute will end up saving you money as well.


Whether You Plan to Rent or Buy


Housing is easily the biggest expense in your budget, so you need to think about whether you plan on buying or renting in your new area. Compare the rent prices as well as the mortgage rates in different areas. If you are moving into a big city, renting tends to be the more viable option whereas out in the suburbs, more people tend to own their own homes. Obviously, everything depends on your budget and how long you are planning on staying in the area. If you are likely to move on quickly, renting gives you that increased sense of freedom. However, when you are buying a home, you know that you are making an investment for the long term.


What Kind of Home You Want


Next up, you need to think about what kind of home you are looking for. If you are just moving on your own or with a partner, an apartment may be the choice for you. However, if you have a bigger family that you need to think about moving, going for a full-sized house or townhouse may be a preferable option for you. Again, it all comes back to your priorities and needs when you get there. If you plan to expand your family in the future, it may be worth getting a place where you can really grow into. However, there is no point having a place where you are not going to make the most of the space at any point.


How Well the Area Matches Your Lifestyle


Okay, we have talked a lot about work and money so far, and while these things are obviously hugely important, they are not everything. It is also important to think closely about how your overall lifestyle is going to be in your new property. Some people prefer an area with endless entertainment options, while others like the peace and solitude of living out in the countryside. Some people want to live in an area which is full of other like-minded people, whereas others are happy with the social circle that they have already built up themselves. A good way of clarifying your thoughts is by writing out a list of everything that your dream property would have. You can then start ordering this in terms of the priorities that you have so you know what is absolutely essential to you and what you are willing to sacrifice. It is worth paying multiple visits to an area before you decide to settle there so you have a better idea of what to expect before you get there.


Developments Planned for the Future


You may think that you have found the perfect neighbourhood in the short term, but how much will everything change in the future? For example, there may be a new housing estate being built which could turn your rural retreat into a busy area full of families. On the other hand, the building of a new trainline or shopping mall could significantly increase the price of your property. Ultimately, it is worth checking out anything that is planned for the future so there are no surprises further down the line. You also need to consider what sort of disruptions will be caused by the new development and how this will end up impacting your overall lifestyle.


The Type of People in the Area


As well as the facilities and entertainment options that are available in the local area, you also need to think closely about what sort of people will be your neighbours. Are they likely to be in a similar situation to yourself or at a totally different part of their lives? Before you decide to rent or buy a place, it is a good idea to take a visit over there so you can speak to some of the neighbours. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to live in a place where everyone is exactly the same as you, but the last thing that you want is for your personality and lifestyle to significantly clash with theirs.


Natural Disasters and Safety

The last point that we are going to talk about is another important one: your overall sense of safety in your new neighbourhood. Check out whether there is any risk of natural disaster nearby such as flooding etc. This could be potentially devastating further down the line. It is also worth looking at the place from a perspective of crime in the area. You should be able to easily obtain the local crime statistics to discover how much occurs there.


These nine considerations are just some of the top things to think about when moving home. Obviously, this is a big decision to make and you need to think about it from every possible angle. Hopefully, this guide has given you a better idea of many of the main ones.


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