6 Ways We Used Our TickleTots Wet Bag

I made a pact a couple of months ago to save money on disposable nappies and transition the youngest onto cloth. All of our kids have worn cloth nappies at some point and with two in nappies it makes sense to save what we can where we can.

The one thing that has proved essential to use are wet bags. We have a good few around the house and each of the kids have their own. We recently acquired the new Tickle Tots design and it is one of my favourites. It’s only £12.99 and well worth a purchase.

It is best to go for a wet bag that has a wet and dry pocket as this will save you time when you are out and about.

So the first way is obviously for nappies. We can fit 2 cloth nappies into  the dry area of the bag and 4 disposible inserts if we are using those instead of cloth. We transfer these when wet to the main part of the bag. For potty training pack knickers and cloth wipes/flannels in there instead!

We also send the cloth bag into nursery so that any wet clothes from water or messy play can be put in and kept from making the rest of Jedi’s rucksack wet.

When we headed to sports day we used it for an oversized muslin blanket after it got dirty and damp from the grass. It was great for sticky post sports day socks too!

For swimming you can fit a baby towel, costume and nappy in to one bag. Perfect too for a trip to the beach. A pair of swimming jellies would easily fit in for the smalls too.

I know if you have wet bags for specific uses they also make good lunch bags! The tag makes them easy to hang off the buggy or school/nursery pegs.

More recently we used our wet bag as a dirty clothes bag on a weekend away. It locks in smells from socks and protects any clean clothes from dirt.

I find it easier to have bag for each child and as they get older this gives them ownership about whats in the back.

So how do you use your wet bag?


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  1. July 9, 2016 / 11:28 pm

    that looks like a really cute wet bag!

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