6 Common Misconceptions around Cosmetic Surgery


There are so many misconceptions about cosmetic surgery that can cause significant hesitations among potential patients. However, unfortunately, there is so much incorrect information floating around on the internet that is spreading inaccurate information. And simply learning the truth about cosmetic surgery can help dispel those common myths and possibly change your opinion entirely. In this article I will dispel the 6 most common misconceptions around cosmetic surgery. 

  1. Cosmetic Surgery is Dangerous 

The biggest fear for many is the fear that cosmetic surgery is dangerous. However, despite many surgeries posing some risks, the FDA has deemed cosmetic surgery procedures generally safe. What’s more, thanks to advancements in medical technology, today’s cosmetic procedures are far safer and less invasive than ever before. And many cosmetic procedures, being non-invasive, involve little to no risk to the patient at all. 

  1. Cosmetic Surgery is Only for Vanity 

Many people assume that patients undergoing cosmetic surgery are having it done to satisfy their vanity, with the assumption that they want to look as youthful and attractive as possible. However, studies have shown that patients who undergo cosmetic surgery enjoy significant improvements in confidence and a greater satisfaction in their quality of life. The majority of patients having cosmetic surgery are doing so to improve their self-esteem. 

  1. Cosmetic Surgery is Only for the Wealthy 

This is a very common misconception and simply not true. Cosmetic surgery is widely available and affordable. And in many cases, these cosmetic procedures cost less than what a woman would expect to pay for a hair colour treatment at the salon. Enhancing your looks through cosmetic surgery is no longer a drain on your bank account but can be extremely financially viable. 

  1. Cosmetic Surgery is Only for Women 

The most frequent assumption made by the general public is that cosmetic surgery is only for women. This is not true – men can also have cosmetic surgery and enjoy the benefits it offers. However, the assumption that cosmetic surgery is only available for women is not completely unrealistic as the media tend to promote female cosmetic procedures more frequently than male. As a result, many people do not realise how widely used and available cosmetic surgery really is for men. 

  1. The Recovery is Long and Painful 

Most people avoid cosmetic surgery because they fear the recovery period will be too long and painful. However, while each type of cosmetic surgery is different, most cosmetic surgeries do not require a long recovery time and are not particularly painful. While it does depend on the surgery and the time it will take to heal, most procedures only require a few days recovery. 

  1. The Results of Cosmetic Surgery Last a Lifetime 

Many people assume that once you’ve had cosmetic surgery, the results will last a lifetime. However, while many cosmetic treatments provide often life-changing and long-lasting results, they do not typically last forever. For example: if you’ve had a liposuction, you can still gain weight, and if you’ve had a facelift, your skin can still age. Therefore, it is important you maintain your appearance through a good diet and exercise, in addition to any touch-up surgery that may be required in the future. 

What Do You Think? 

Had you made any of the common misconceptions about cosmetic surgery mentioned above? You’re not alone. Cosmetic surgery is an often-misunderstood area, so I hope this article has shed some light on the most common misconceptions. 

Author Bio 

Rachel Kerr is a professional copywriter and is passionate about encouraging people to eat well, keep active, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


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