5 tips when booking a holiday with children

As a mum of 3 I do find that we have to consider more when we are booking a holiday for us and the children. It’s not as simple now as picking a destination as we have to consider 3 children’s personalities, different safety options and what will give us the most for our money as well. I know that we have only gone on one holiday and that was when Fizz was 3! We are yet to take the boys away with us and instead have so far just bought weekends away or festival breaks. I would like to think thought that come next year when the boys are older we can save to go somewhere that suits all of us for a longer length of time. Here is what I will be looking for!

1) Our number 1 priority will be to book a holiday on budget. As a family of 5 with 5 passport needed it can rack up a huge bill. Simple saving into one account that we don’t touch will happen for 12 months prior to any holiday to ensure that we have enough in our budget. Sites like ClickStay.com can be great because they show off all their villas and apartments online so there can be no surprise in the space or quality of where you are staying and they are at varying budgets. I love the look of this apartment in the Algarve and it’s a decent price for the size too!
2) We will also try and save huge chunk towards our day to day finances such as our food budget or to spend on fun experiences. The last thing you want on holiday is to start panicking about money running out.
3) We will obviously look at options where there are plenty of things for the children to do such as kids clubs, maybe a disco in the early evening. It is important for us that the kids get the most of this experience and that they are also really tired at bedtime so mum and dad can grab a beer on the veranda or balcony!
4) Look at reviews and search out the safety of each area and pool. For me it is crucial that the place we choose absolutely caters for our children’s safety as well as ours. This means active lifeguards on duty, rapid response units and also obviously protection from strangers on site. We all know that parents want to keep a eye on their children 24/7 but we also have all had that moment where they slip off on a shop and your heart stops for a moment. I want to make sure that a family friendly setting is truly that!
5) A holiday should be relaxing for the parents as well as the children too so it would be great to see a fully accredited kids crèche or on site babysitting service that is fully backed by the company we book with. I for one wouldn’t leave my child with just anyone in the UK so a holiday abroad would be the same! A little break to visit the spa or have dinner with my partner would be amazing so if the option of childcare for a few hours was available I would definitely consider it!
Are you going abroad this summer? What tips would you give to us for when we are ready for our first big family holiday?

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