5 tips to organise your pantry

The best custom home builders in Melbourne and across Australia know that a well thought out kitchen will save you time and even your sanity. The humble pantry is the cornerstone of any kitchen organisation project and is a great place to start when designing your house’s storage capacity. Even if you don’t have the luxury of a butler’s pantry or dedicated larder, you can improve the organisation of your smaller food storage area. Read below for 5 tips when reimagining this space.


Your pantry configuration will ultimately vary depending on your circumstances but your home builder in Melbourne or wherever you are constructing your house will be able to provide advice. However in general, frequently used, mid-sized items should be located at waist height as they will be easy to access. Lower shelves can contain heavier items including room temperature produce, such as potatoes that are best kept in the coolest spot of your cupboard. Higher up you will place lighter items and less frequently used things such as special occasion appliances or dishes (if they don’t have a home elsewhere in the kitchen. Long rectangular modular shelves can be installed on the doors for extra storage of herbs or smaller items.

Labelling system

Particularly if you’re someone who gets irritated by clutter or mayhem, labelling your pantry items will not only improve their appearance but also functionality.  You might choose stickers, dymo labels, chalkboard/whiteboard adhesives or even liquid chalk. Affix these to your containers, jars and baskets according to what suits the container best.


Particularly if you buy items in bulk, you will need to rotate stock to ensure you do not let any go past a best before date. Most people are pretty good with doing this with perishables, but it is easy to stash away cans of beans or long life milk and promptly forget about them. This could mean installing can dispensers, for example, or manually put the newer stock to the back of your shelf.

Limited budget

If your funds do not stretch to matching Tupperware or designer canisters for your kitchen, utilise the free packaging that comes with many products. Although in an ideal world unnecessary packing will become obsolete, you can at least repurpose items such as (cleaned) plastic fruit or meat trays, glass milk/juice/jam bottles and low cost baskets or cardboard boxes cut in half.

Virtual pantry

Another way to maximise the performance of your pantry is to outsource its inventory. Several apps are on the market that will allow you to make lists of the items you have in your house, set reminders when they typically run low and even recommend recipes based upon the goods you have stored in your kitchen. Come food shopping time you have a cloud based shopping list already on hand and some apps allow other household members to also access the data. These are great time savers until pantries of the future self-order supplies on your behalf when they are running low!



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