5 Things that make me smile

There are many little things that I have come across as a mum that make me giggle when I remember. Parenting is fun but often we get too caught up in serious thinking.

Thinking too much is probably the worst thing about parenting.

Here’s a list of the top 5  Funny Things My Baby Does:

1)      If you co-sleep baby will always find the most uncomfortable looking way to sleep. Fizz often sleeps sideways or manages to get upside down – with three people in a double bed it means we cling on for dear life or daddy gives in and sleeps on the couch. Baby will always stick a foot in your back or try and get a trumpy bum near your face. This week I got woken up with white stripes – Fizz had kicked me in the eye, my socket juddering. It’s funnier when this happens to the other parent.

2)      No means yes! We are currently teaching Fizz no, she knows the sound and shakes her head then carries on. Daddy’s playstation is the latest thing she knows not to touch but can’t help herself. On/off/on/off. The hard drive will conk out soon. But it’s the mischievous grin that gets my heart every time!

3)      You are warned about projectile vomit but why not the poop?  Plus, if you breastfeed it is luminous in colour. We have stained bedding, gloss paint and obviously baby clothes. Fortunately we haven’t had it hit us in the face because with that staining I’d look like I’d be coloured in with a highlighter.

4)      Baby dancing is the craziest, funniest thing you will ever see. Fizz goes up to the TV (when music is playing) then does this special dance that includes bum wiggling, jumping up and down, turning around in circles and then frantic booty shaking. I know I don’t dance like this!

5)      Kissing – for some reason babies stick their tongue out when first learning how to kiss. We try to avoid this by turning for Fizz to kiss our cheek. Fizz on the other hand grabs hair if it is available and pulls you for a full on lip smacker. The receiver has to purse their lips to avoid the slobber.

So, five funny baby things to get you started, please share yours too!


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  1. September 21, 2012 / 6:47 pm

    Hehe can relate to most of these! Especially the cheeky smile as the buttons go on, off, on, off!

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