5 Things I Plan To Do For Me // June 

I love doing these monthly posts as it just shows my path is starting to clear and lead me to a more relaxed me. So this month I’m continuing the ideas and seeing just how much more clear I can make my mind and also treat my body well!
1) Continuing on from last month I’m aiming to spend £10 a week just on me. I’ll update what I got in May in another post.
  2) Make time to appreciate my pregnant body. I’ve starting to use some fabulous cream from Secret Saviours almost everyday and their cooling gel in the evening too.
3) Getting dressed every morning before Gav and Fizz leave the house. Mentally this prepares me for the day and otherwise I find I’m cramming a load of stuff into Froglets nap time. Which now he’s swapped 12-1 for the school run means I’m even more limited on time.
  4) Meal plan – I got a meal planner in one of The Green Gables and have started using it in an attempt to save money as well as feel organised.
5) Plan my days in advance. From my freelance work to my main blog. I’m planning and finding a to do list keeps me focussed as well as on target. I don’t waste time and I’ve even managed to read a few pages of a magazine! 


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