5 Reasons To Use Cloth Nappies

5 Reasons To Use Cloth Nappies

Over the next few weeks I have a lot of cloth nappy reviews coming up. From sized nappies to birth to potty nappies, hybrid nappies, pocket and boosters. It’ll be all here.

In the meantime though I thought I’d give you 5 reasons why you should give cloth nappies a go!



Nappies from Baba + Boo, Babipur and Tots Bots

Reason Number 1: They are great for baby’s bum. They can prevent nappy rash, are softer and kinder to baby’s bottoms.

Reason Number 2: They save you money. The average spend per year on nappies is £200 – for that you can get yourself a nice little cloth stash

Reason Number 3: They actually leak a lot less than disposables.

Reason Number 4: I found the transition from cloth to potty was much easier and Fizz had a sense of being wet. With disposables moisture is drawn away into the nappy where as with cloth is is soaked up.

Reason Number 5: They are so cute! These days it’s not all about terry towelling its about prints and colour. Clothing your baby’s bum is a fashion statement too!

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What are your reasons for using cloth?




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