5 Organisational Tips for Mums

Before I had kids organisation was never something I thought about a lot. I organised myself at work and at home but I only really had myself to think about. Fast forward 6 years and my organisational skills have hit an all time high. With two kids and myself to sort out every day I just wouldn’t remember everything without a bit of help from a to do list and a bit of preparation. After 6 years of trial and error here are my top five organisational must do’s. You can thank me later!

Preparation is key

If you have kids at school and nursery than preparation is the most important thing to do if you want 15 minutes extra in bed in the morning. Lay clothes, uniform, coats, bags and shoes out the night before ready for the kids to put on in the morning. Check their bags for any letters that need signing and have lunch and water bottles ready to grab in the fridge. Laying out the breakfast things before you go to bed can save you a few minutes too. Lets be honest you will need those minutes you have saved to ask the kids to put their shoes on 10 times before you leave the house!


A slow cooker can be your best friend

If you have a busy day ahead and you know you won’t have time to cook dinner before the kids start demanding food then save yourself the ‘hangry’ kids and use a slow cooker. Prepare it the night before and pop it on before you leave in the morning or if you are an early riser just do it in the morning before you leave. There are so many great recipes online you are bound to find something that suits your family.


To do lists, calendars and organisers are needed

If, like me you love some pretty stationery then now is the time to get it out and start using it. Weekly planners and calendars are great for reminders for birthdays, clubs and appointments. Just pop them up somewhere in your kitchen so everyone can see what is happening that day. Your phone calendar is great for reminders when you’re out and about and a to do list is a must. Start every day with a to do list and you will feel so much more focused and productive.



Let the kids help

Sometimes it may seem like it is easier to just do it yourself but letting the kids get involved can help you and help them to take a bit of responsibility for things. My 6 year old sons job in the morning is to put toothpaste on his and his sisters toothbrushes while I go round and make the beds. It’s a little thing but it saves me 30 seconds. Get them to help with the washing or laying the table too.


Shop Online

You can practically buy anything online now and a lot of it you can get delivered the next day. The most important one though is online food shopping. It’s not only a great way to save time but also money too because you’re not browsing so therefore sticking to your list! With a lot of online food shopping sites you can save things that you buy every week so you can quickly add those to your basket and then add in extra things. If you have the app you can add things on when you’re on the school run and remember about the empty pot of coffee or the fish fingers that need replenishing. Then before you know it someone is delivering it to your door. Job done.


Let us know if you have any top organisational tips that keep you sane!



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