5 Minute Morning Make Up

I have 3 kids now. And having 3 kids means I have to cut corners now and then. Don’t worry, they are all cleaned, fed and watered every day, and they all have lots of love and cuddles too. But other corners are being cut to within an inch lately because, well, I just don’t have time! Not only do I have 3 kids but I also have a new job, a three point drop off school run. So, the corner cutting is necessary!

Five minute morning makeup~MumingtonPost.com

My days usually begin around 6 am when I try to squeeze an hour of work in before the kids get up, and in between making breakfast, brushing teeth and styling pony-tails I always make sure my own appearance is considered too. I say considered, because some days are joggers over pyjama days- that’s just the way it is. LOVE working from home. But most days we tend to go straight out after the school run, so I like to make sure I make my face a little less scary for the local children. And working from home it’s nice to make an effort now and then, as it can be quite a lonely job sometimes.

For starters, I always use a moisturiser with self tan so on the days where I’ve run out of time, my face hopefully still has a bit of colour.

For days where I have a spare few minutes, this is my 5 minute morning make-up routine!

Primer... 30 seconds

After cleansing and moisturising I always use a primer. It helps the make-up to stay put- after all, who has time to re-apply? I’ve used Benefit’s POREfessional in the past but my favourite is Smash Box photo finish hydrating foundation primer.

Five minute morning makeup~ MumingtonPost.com

BB cream... 45 seconds

Next I use a BB cream- a small amount, just to give a bit of colour, and sometimes I leave it there. Depending on your skin or how much time you have this can be enough. I found this post on the best BB creams for oily skin helpful!

Foundation... 45 seconds

Because of the BB cream I only add a really light foundation layer. I use Clinique’s Super Balanced foundation at the moment but also love Max Factor’s Colour Adapt foundation and Benefit’s Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW!

Concealer... 30 seconds

I’m lucky that I don’t tend to get breakouts very often but I DO have dark circles under my eyes that need erasing! 4 kids, remember? I’m using Benefit’s Boing! at the moment but to be honest I’m still looking for the ultimate under eye concealer!

Five minute morning makeup~MumingtonPost.com

Finish... 30 seconds

A light pressed powder to set it all- again I swear by Clinique (Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder) and if I remember I pop the compact in my bag to touch up on the go. I usually forget, to be fair.

Mascara... 45 seconds

Not every day, but sometimes I feel I need to look more awake. I always curl before I use it too. Only takes a second. I’m using Maybelline’s Great Lash at the moment.

Lips... 15 seconds

To be honest I usually go for just lip balm and I am the kind of person who has about five in my bag and more in the car so I can re-apply all day. Sometimes tinted but rarely a lipstick unless I’m out for the evening. And that never happens. Sob!

Cheeks... 30 seconds

When I remember I add a little colour to my pale face with Benefit’s High Beam and Mac’s Mineralise Charged Water .

The whole routine can be and often is done in around 5 minutes. My hair is a whole other story…



  1. May 7, 2015 / 9:10 am

    Great tips lovely. With kids you have to keep your makeup to a minimum xx

  2. kelly finn
    May 14, 2015 / 7:42 am

    Love this series! Mine takes very little time in comparrason now to my pre children days. Fab products used too lady! X

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