5 Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without Featuring The Rock Mum

If you are always on the look out for new beauty products to try or new beauty routines to follow then carry on reading because Siobhan from The Rock Mum is sharing her top 5 beauty products she can’t live without.


Tell us a little bit about you and your blog

My name is Siobhan. I’m a terrible blogger, I really am. I do it sporadically and never read them through and I mostly, mostly, write in response to something happening in my own life. I write about minerals in real life (the last piece I wrote was on a mineral called fluorspar) so I call myself the Rock Mum because I know loads about rocks. And a bit about being a mum.


You are sharing your top beauty products with us today, do you have a specific beauty routine that you like to stick to?

It’s so hard to have a beauty routine when you’ve got two teeny kids. I think I’m just happy if I remove my make up before bed. I use coconut oil for this.


Please share your top 5 beauty products with us and why you love them.

1 RED LIPSTICK –  I cant live without my red lipstick. It’s always with me. If I’m feeling crap I know that I’ll look like I’ve got my shit together if I’m wearing red lipstick. I use Lloreal Infallible Paris  2 Step Lipstick in red.* It literally does last 24 hours!

2 BLACK LIQUID EYELINER – I love this stuff, I wear it every day. Winged usually, but always acres of the stuff. It’s sort of my trademark and makes me feel like a little part of me is still a bit cool. I love that sort of grungy rock look and I love the retro pinup look too so it works with both. I get lots of eyeliners in my Glossy Box which I subscribe to. This month I am using Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner but usually if I have to buy one on the hop I would recommend Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner in black. 

3 BATH BOMB – This is crazy but having a lovely hot bath with salts and oils and bubbles is a must at least once a week. Adding a bath bomb is so decadent it feels really special. I recently got given a gift box from Lush but usually I buy mine from an independent retailer I know called The Soaping Station. I go with my daughter to pick some and it’s a nice activity to do together.

4 COCONUT OIL – Eye make up remover, bath oil, leg moisturiser, infallible lipstick remover (!) hair remedy (rub it on your split ends)… basically every bathroom should have a jar of extra virgin coconut oil. I buy mine from Aldi! 

5 MAYBELLINE ERASER EYE CONCEALER * –  This stuff is a fifth of the price of Touché Eclat -which is what I used to use – and just as effective. I find it a real life saver to disguise the fact I’ve been up with the kids all night (or with the wines!). 

*Both these products are produced by Lloreal who, although don’t test on animals, they sell in China. This means that their products intended for the Chinese market will have to be tested on animals. If anyone has a good cruelty free alternative for these products I would be really happy to try them.

Thank you to Siobhan for her great recommendations, what is your top beauty product?



  1. November 12, 2018 / 8:07 pm

    I enjoyed reading this, my beauty regime and makeup bag is…shall we say minimal? Having 3 boys under 5 sees to that!!

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