5 Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without Featuring Mrs H’s Favourite Things

We all have our go to products when it comes to beauty but if you’re anything like me then you are always on the look out for different ones to try. Recommendations is usually the easiest way to find good products so today Lucy from Mrs H’s Favourite Things is sharing her top 5 beauty products that she can’t live without.


Tell us a little bit about you and your blog

I’m Lucy. I’m 40 years old, a wife and a mum to two rainbow babies. I write for The Mumington Post and Unique and Chic but I also have a personal blog called, Mrs H’s favourite things. In Mrs H’s favourite things I write honestly about recurrent miscarriage, mental health and finding happiness in the little things in life. I do this to show mums who are struggling that there is always hope and a rainbow can appear after the darkest storm.


You are sharing your top beauty products with us today, do you have a specific beauty routine that you like to stick to?

My beauty regime is quite simple. I have really sensitive skin that is prone to rosacea, so if I use too many makeup or skincare products then my skin can react. I tend to stick to what I’m used to and I use brands that have ranges especially for sensitive skin.  My current skincare routine uses Dermalgica’s UltraCalming range and is quite basic. I use cleanser, moisturiser and an eye cream.

When it comes to makeup, I know what suits me and I stick with that. I wear the some look most days. A little foundation on my t-zone, some (much needed) under eye concealer, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, black liquid eyeliner, mascara and a bright lipstick. To mix things up I wear different colour eye shadows and change the colour of lipstick I wear depending on my outfit.

Please share your top 5 beauty products with us and why you love them.

1 RED LIPSTICK – I love a bright lipstick. I instantly feel more together when I’m wearing lipstick. It makes me feel in control of whatever life throws at me. And a bright lipstick just makes me want to smile. But nothing beats a red lipstick. It instantly makes you look more glamorous and like you’re a woman not to mess with. And I love that. My favourite red lipstick is a Christian Dior one. It’s Rouge Dior 999. It’s quite a dark red with a blue undertone. But it is beautiful and the matt lipstick has a fabulous consistency. However, red lipstick is like foundation, you have to find the shade and make that is right for you. 

2 EUCERIN SUN FACE CREAM SENSITIVE PROTECT 50+ – If I could only ever recommend one beauty product, it would always be a sun cream. Having worked at Cancer Research UK for 6 years, I saw first hand  why wearing sunscreen is so important. And wearing one that is specifically designed for the face is essential. They tend to be less greasy and more easily absorbed. They are therefore better for the delicate skin on your face. This one by Eucerin is fabulous for my sensitive skin. I react to a lot of sun creams but I’ve never had a problem with the Eucerin Sensitive Protect Sun Cream 50+

3 DERMOLOGICA ULTRACALMING CLEANSER – As mentioned, I have hugely sensitive skin. And sadly I react to a lot of products. It has taken me years to finally find a cleanser that I’m happy with. Dermalogica’s Ultracalming cleanser is brilliant. It leaves my skin clean and fresh without drying it out or irritating. It’s a great cleanser for anyone with rosacea prone-skin. 

4 BABYLISS BIG HAIR CARE – I recently reviewed this on my blog and it was love at first sight. I had the old model of Babyliss Big Hair and I thought that was excellent. But the new model is even kinder to my hair and leaves it looking smoother and shiner. Essentially, the Babyliss Big Hair Care is a rotating airstyler. Hot or cool air is pumped out while the barrel and bristles of the styler rotate and give you a salon-worthy blow dry. I’m hopeless at blow drying my hair so my Big Hair Care is a life saver and it makes sure that I leave the house with a beautifully buoyant barnet.

5 A FRINGE – Okay, I know it’s not really a beauty product. But I do think that getting a fringe cut into your hair is better than a multitude of beauty products. My fringe (which is quite thick) hides the wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes, it highlights the colour of my eyes and my cheek bones and it makes me feel sassy and glamorous. Now what beauty product can do all that?!


A big thank you to Lucy for sharing her recommendations, let us know your go to beauty product. If you would like to find out more about Lucy you can find her on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.


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