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Smart phones and technology in general are a huge part of our daily lives now. We use them to record memories, remind us to do things, wake us up in the morning, read, the list goes on. There are so many great apps out there to help us get the best out of our technology but where do you start when looking for them? Emma Cossey from The Freelance Lifestyle is sharing her top 5 apps that she can’t live without today to help give you a few ideas when it comes to choosing apps.


Tell us a little bit about you and your blog

I’m Emma Cossey, a coach for freelancers and run The Freelance Lifestyle, a blog and podcast for freelancers in the UK. I live in Bracknell Forest with my husband Peter, and our little boy Oscar, and I’m an absolute tech geek.  


You are sharing your favourite apps with us today, are apps a big part of your day to day life?

Absolutely! In fact, my family roll their eyes when I say ‘I know an app for that!’. I love anything that makes life easier, especially as a parent and a freelancer.

Please share your top 5 apps with us and why you love them.

1 TRELLO – My memory is terrible (even more so since becoming a mum), so I rely heavily on writing things down. Trello is brilliant for tracking things and making lists – whether it’s meal plans for the week or client work.

2 INSIGHT TIMER – I have a tendency to be anxious if I don’t top up the self-care, and I use meditation often. Insight Timer is a brilliant app full of thousands of meditations for every mood, and calming music.

3 LIFECAKE – I discovered Lifecake just before having my little boy, and I loved that I could upload plenty of baby spam and share it with selected family and friends, without feeling like I’m overdoing it on Facebook.

4 THE HEALTHY MUMMY APP – I spotted an ad on Facebook for a month of the Healthy Mummy app for a £1, which seemed like a bargain. If meal planning is your bag, with very little time (or patience) for cooking, this is perfect. It contains 28 days of suggested meals and snacks at a time, which you can switch around all you like. Lots of the snacks are ones that repeat a few times through the month, so you can do one big batch cook, and be sorted for weeks.  The recipes are surprisingly easy to cook (lots of them I’ve been able to rope my toddler into helping with), and the ingredients are really simple. Plus they had 10 minute workouts.

5 AMAZON ALEXA – OK, I’m cheating a bit with this one, but we have a couple of Echos in our house, and it’s brilliant. Whether it’s using it for a shopping list, playing Peppa Pig for Os while I’m making dinner, or whipping out a perfect playlist, there are so many ways it can help. The app helps me keep on top, and find any new apps/skills I can use with it.


Thank you to Emma for sharing her top 5 apps, what would be in your top 5?


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