4 Ways To Inject Fun Into Your Home Decor

Injecting fun into your home decor should be what it’s all about. The neutral look is popular in many homes, but it can also be a little boring. Why wouldn’t you want your home to have a personal feel to it? Inject a little fun! Here are 4 ways you can inject fun into your home decor:

Add A Patterned Wall Paper
Adding patterned wall paper is really easy, and you can even just do it to one wall if you’re worried about it looking ‘too much’. There are all kinds of amazing wall papers out there today. Whether you want something covered in vibrant green leaves or fun pink flamingos, you can find it!

2. Add An Unusual Accessory
Go on the hunt for an unusual accessory that you can display in your home. Maybe it could be an old vintage dressing table, or something to that effect. It doesn’t need to fit in perfectly with your decor.

3. Upcycle Something Old
Instead of buying something new to incorporate into your home, try upcycling something old instead. You could take an old cabinet and paint it a bright colour, as well as add some nice knobs to finish it off. Not only will your home be more fun, you’ll have a sense of pride every time you look at it!

4. Show Off Your Personality
Use your home to show off your personality. Is there something you’re really interested in? Show it off!

The infographic below could inspire you further.

Credit to Fairy tale homes, re-imagined


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