4 Things To Do Before Summer’s Over

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Summer’s finally here! The last remnants of autumn and winter are a distant memory, and now the schools are out, the sun is shining, and everyone’s rediscovering fruity cider. Though we’re all glad that summer’s here, many people wind up doing the same things they’ve done year after year, and get to the end of summer wondering where all the time went. Here are four things everyone should try to do before winter comes around again…

Go for a Walk Somewhere


These days, we’re using our legs less and less, preferring to sit back and waste our days away in front of various screens. Do your body a favour by making a point to go for a walk somewhere while the weather’s still nice. Find a local forest or national park to trek around, or even better, take a long stroll down your nearest beach. Even a short walk into town, with no real goal in mind, can work wonders for your body and your mood. If you want to get more exercise in, and you let the opportunities for walking in the summer pass you by, you’re going to wind up regretting it when those rain clouds come back!

Give the Home Some TLC

Now that the ice has melted away, it’s much easier, safer, and more pleasant to give your home a lot of outdoor TLC. If you’ve been putting off clearing the gutters and re-shingling the roof since Christmas, then you’re never going to get a better opportunity than right now. Summer’s also a great time to carry out any big home modifications that have been on your to-do list for far too long. If there are rooms in desperate need of a lick of paint, then set a date and get it done. If your HVAC system was on the fritz all through the winter, then check out some services like Ken Starr and Home Comfort USA. You’re never going to feel exactly thrilled about getting these home chores out of the way, but you’d be surprised what the nice weather can do for your mood when you’re taking a bite out of your to-do list.

Have a BBQ


Yes, it’s a cliché. However, summer would be incomplete without a barbecue, and it may be about time that you hosted one yourself. Pick a date, talk to some friends and relatives, and then fire up the grill and the smoker. Read this Huffington Post article for some tips. Aside from giving yourself a great excuse to eat a little more indulgently than you should, this provides one more opportunity to bond with the people closest to you.

Try Something You’ve Never Done Before

When we’re kids, summer is full of adventure and new experiences. As we grow up and various responsibilities pile on, it becomes much harder to jump on these opportunities. Put the time off you’ve booked to good use, by planning to do something you’ve never done before. The world’s a big place, and there’s sure to be some experience you’ve always wondered about but never tried.


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