39 steps

Now really why are the 39 steps so important? Tauting itself as a modern guide for school leavers are we trying to teach our young the right needs for a modern society or are we being a bit pretentious?

I really don’t think the 39 steps are the must know list and neither are the ones I can do appropropriate for the life I’ve grown into over 32 years. My ones mainly come from a mix of a university education, love of literature and things I’ve just picked up along the way.

The 39 steps are hideously out of date and although they are focused on a particular class of people they don’t really show any fun in life do they? Are they really life skills and should we just be keeping it simple?

I can so 11 of the steps in the article but to be honest none of those things make me a better, more knowledgeable person then someone who has less or more. Should we keep it simple with 5 simple steps to a better life?

1.      Giggle/Smile

2.      Make time for you and loved ones

3.      Support others

4.      Support yourself

5.      Work hard for the things you want

What would be on your steps for a better life?


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