3 Vintage Antique Items You Should Buy For Your Home!

When it comes to decorating your home, there are many styles and paths you can choose between. A lot of the time, two opposite styles are the most popular. You have your modern/contemporary style and your vintage style.


Today, we’re talking about decorating your home with some antiques to help create this vintage style. This can often make your home feel more elegant and give the rooms a little extra character. So, here are a few antique items you should maybe think about buying if you want to achieve this unique style:


Antique Chest Of Drawers

An antique chest of drawers makes the perfect accompaniment to any bedroom looking to achieve the vintage style. If you know me, then you’ll know I love the idea of feeling pampered in the bedroom and making yourself comfortable. With a big set of vintage drawers, you go a long way to doing just that. There’s something about the style of them, these huge wooden drawers with no sleek metal or modern curves, they just create a homely atmosphere in the room. It makes you feel like you’re staying in some rural manor house hotel, and the size of the drawers oozes luxury. A wonderful addition to the bedroom and a massive statement piece if you want the vintage style.


Antique Clocks

For me, clocks are always a massively underrated feature, particularly in the living room. I think you can really set the tone for your living room depending on the type of clock you have. With a vintage antique one, you know the tone you’re setting. There are a couple of reasons an antique clock is a great purchase for your home. The first is that repairing an antique clock can be very easy and cheap, which means you can potentially save money by buying a broken one and getting it fixed. The second is that vintage antique clocks come in so many amazing styles. You’ve got ancient grandfather clocks that really make a statement, cuckoo clocks that look incredible, and so many other designs that will stand out and bring character to your living room.


Antique Dining Table And Chairs

Firstly, I’ll say that having an actual dining room can be considered vintage in itself these days! A lot of people choose to have open-plan living areas that don’t really include a proper standalone dining room. In fact, many new-build homes are built this way just to make it look like you’re dealing with a more spacious house. But, a dining room is very traditional, and you can make it even better with an antique table and some chairs. The difference between an antique dining table set and a modern one is remarkable. It gives off a really specific style that makes the whole room feel more authentic and real. Again, it creates this homely atmosphere, and you feel compelled to get the whole family around the table just like the olden times. Plus, there are so many phenomenal designs that look great too.


(Image via pixabay: http://bit.ly/1mBIocU)

If you want to achieve a vintage look in your home, then these three items should be on your list. They all exude character and will improve the way your home feels!



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