3 Things A Breastfeeding Mum Needs In Her Change Bag

Breastfeeding can go through phases. I’ve always had a mix of a stressful time and really enjoying it. Sometimes you can forget that it can feel quite a drain on your body and when it does you need to look after yourself and I found a few essentials that you need to carry with you at all times! These things all go into my change bag which doubles as a work waterproof bag!


You really do need to keep hydrated so carrying a small filter bottle like a bobble can be a good idea for on the go. I keep mine in my buggy so it is there and just top up on the go.


Food is so important and theres nothing like getting the breastfeeding mumchies grumps. I avoid this by having some snacks in my bag. A Freida bar and an apple or banana are great for on the go energy boosts and to keep hunger at bay until you can get to sit down for lunch

img_6609-1Spare top and breast pads

These are always a must especially in the early days when leaks can occur. I found that I needed a couple of pairs of breast pads for a day trip and a spare top too. Actually it’s always good to have the spare top anyway as when weaning starts that is a whole heap of messy fun too!

A notebook!

Well this may not be an essential but for me it is. Post breastfeeding sleep is a great time to think about self care so packing a notebook in your bag to write down little memories/ideas or lists is a brilliant thing to carry around with you too!


What are your breastfeeding essentials?


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