3 Accessories That Complete Your Christmas Outfit

Christmas is one of the best times of the year. You get to see family who you haven’t had the chance to meet up with all year and at the same time, you enjoy great food and fun gifts. Though, one of the biggest dilemmas associated with Christmas is the issue of what to wear on Christmas Day itself. 

Most families like to stay relaxed and inside on Christmas Day, during which you want to be cosy, comfortable and above all else – festive. Alternatively, some families like to go out and enjoy an experience together, in which case you’d prefer to be a little more stylish in your look, though equally in tune with the season. This post is dedicated to helping you create the perfect Christmas Day outfit with a selection of accessories that will complete the look. Hope it helps!

Leather Bracelets

Starting with the more stylish approach to the Christmas ensemble, leather bracelets have been skyrocketing in popularity over the last few years and make a brilliant addition to any outfit, including those on Christmas Day. One of the biggest advantages of leather jewellery is that it is easy to colour, meaning that no matter what outfit you’re wearing, you can find a leather bracelet to complement it (see this page for some idea of what’s available). 

Another big reason for wearing a leather bracelet is that the material and natural brown colouration complements the core colours of Christmas – green and red. Don’t discount the power of a glamorous leather bracelet on your Christmas Day escapades.


On the flip side, if you and your family prefer to stay inside and relax during Christmas Day, there is one sure-fire way of completing your homebound look – the introduction of slippers. Slippers aren’t only comfortable but they are extremely varied, with a vast range of options available both online and on the high street. This variety has multiple benefits because not only can you easily find a pair that is comfortable for you to wear, but you can also find pairs that vary in seriousness, from plain and calming approaches to more exotic novelty takes on the classic inside shoe. Do a little investigating and you’re bound to find a pair of slippers that are both cosy and comfortable.

Christmas Socks

Our final accessory is useful for both going out and staying in – the infamous Christmas socks. Christmas socks can vary in style, from more conservative and stylish alpine designs (perfect if you don’t want to attract too much attention but still want a festive touch) to novelty options that focus on Christmas imagery and puns. The novelty options are usually more suitable for indoor wear, but socks are often covered up and are only displayed occasionally, so there’s no harm in wearing something a little more exciting, even if you’re going out for Christmas Day. 

When searching for Christmas socks, ensure that you also keep your shoe size in mind. There’s nothing worse than putting on socks that are significantly too large or even worse, way too small. Christmas socks make a great stocking filler for little ones too, just in case you’re still looking for inspiration or ideas.

Hopefully, this list of jewellery, accessories and clothing items has given you some great ideas for how to complete your Christmas day outfit. Above all else, it’s important to remember that Christmas is the season of goodwill and cheer, so don’t be afraid to wear something that you wouldn’t usually just for the fun of it. When else are you going to get the opportunity to wear giant elf slippers if not on Christmas Day? 


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