What is Virtual PR

We are really pleased to have Louise Turner partner with Social Sparkle Louise has exerience in PR and will be helping our clients with press releases, award applications and how to be media savvy.

Here she helps you with the questions What isVirtualPR?


People often look at me quizzically when I say the name of my business – Your Virtual PR – so I thought it would be a good idea to explain what I think virtual PR actually is.

You’ve heard of a virtual PA right? They’re the person who will manage your diary, do your invoicing, even take messages, all from the comfort of their office, rather than yours. Almost everything is done remotely – by phone, email, or Skype.

Well virtual PR is built on the same model. It is delivered from a distance, with the main aim being to keep costs down. It means that the time you pay for is spent working, and the overheads are as low as possible.

There are some very clear advantages to having your PR delivered virtually. In the current financial climate, with little hope on the horizon, budgets are more squeezed than ever. Marketing and communications can be the first things to go. But with the great value provided by a virtual service, you can afford to continue investing in communications crucial to your business.

PR lends itself very well to being delivered virtually. I probably don’t need to see your business to get to know it. I say probably as I’m sure there are some businesses where I would need to see what you do, but I expect these to be in the minority, rather than the majority.

For me, it’s all about flexibility and delivering the best service in the most efficient way. I know there are lots of businesses that would benefit from have good quality communications, but think they can’t afford it. Maybe they don’t have the work to take someone on full, or even part time. And they probably can’t afford to use a PR agency. But they can afford a virtual PR.

Is virtual PR any different to being a PR agency? Well, probably not. But then, this is PR, and it’s all about how you package it.

You can find out more about Lu here and her PR packagesvirtual PA.