Parenting // 10 Reasons Why Being A Mum (or Dad) Rocks

 1) You will never ever be short of cuddles and kisses!  

 2) You can have child like fun without feeling like you look a bit silly

  3) Your house is always fun of laughter (especially if number 1 is having a tantrum and number 2 finds that funny)


 4) You are never ever bored as the kids always need you or want something


5) You are never ever lonely because as soon as you grab 5 minutes someone wants something (hello toilet shares)   

6) You now possess the ultimate organisation techniques. Can pack a bag in 5 minutes if need be and can remember to get dressed (maybe forgetting someone’s pants but hey can’t have it all)   

 7) You appreciate your you time a whole lot more

 8) and that glass of wine at the end of a hard day although not social is very much deserved

9) You can now fit the word poo in any popular song from the charts and think you’re hilarious after 100 times of singing it  

10) See 1 – I mean who can get bored of that adoration!    





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