10 Different Ways To Use A Muslin

The folk over at Babymoov challenged me to find 10 different ways to use a muslin. They sent me a pack of three Rock Band muslins for the challenge!

A makeshift superhero cape? Or in our case rockstar with the rock band themed muslins. Or a shawl when it’s cold.

  A quick blanket or babywearing cover when things get nippy or someone falls asleep on the sofa

  When you are out and about it’s a great bib!

Or a bandana for mums hair

  Or a picnic blanket for a bigs sisters teddy bear tea party

A comforter with a little splash of breastmilk or mama’s scent on

You could even use them as a nappy if you get caught short

Or a cool sling if you have a unfortunate park accident

Or a breastfeeding cover if you feel like you want to cover (I sometimes do and sometimes don’t)

Or after the babies are big and have left home then cut into four and use them as handkerchiefs for those next big moments!

What would you use them for?


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