Survey Reveals UK Parents Experience a Daily ‘Pang’ Of Guilt

Little Tikes and Olympian Greg Rutherford Call on Families to Enjoy the Great Outdoors this Summer.


Today an independent survey of 2,000 UK families, commissioned by one of our favourite toy companies, Little Tikes, reveals that the average mum and dad are experiencing seven pangs of guilt a week!  I suppose with longer working weeks, childcare and basically trying to balance a busy home and work life is super hard! Add an extra child or two, in our case, into the mix and it gets even more difficult to get that basic family time sorted. Amongst the top triggers are general ‘busyness’ ‘tiredness ‘ (oh haven’t we all been there!) and working long hours to provide for our families.

Little Tikes has linked with Olympic Gold Medallist Greg Rutherford to encourage families to ditch that all devouring guilt and enjoy the great outdoors this summer with their ‘Little Trikers’ campaign.

Greg’s Top 5 Tips for making the most of the great outdoors this summer:

  1. Go as a family – You can walk and talk at the same time and enjoy exercising and spending time together.  This is a great idea for meeting up with other family members as well as friends.
  2. Watch your steps – It’s recommended you walk 10,000 steps every day. Use an app or a pedometer to measure how many steps you do. Going out with your child in a Trike, you will probably find you are surprised by just how many steps you’ve taken!
  3. Look up – It may sound obvious but it’s important to take stock of your surroundings, feel inspired the nature all around you.
  4. Walk tall – Walking is a great gentle exercise and if you walk tall and pull your tummy you can help improve your posture too.
  5. Change it up – Don’t do the same route all the time, you will lose motivation and give up. Go to the park, walk around the block or in town. Check out walks from other parents on the Little Tikes’ interactive map and on Twitter and Instagram with #toptriketrails.

50 4-in-1 Sports Edition Trikes are up for grabs to help to inspire families to enjoy the sun this summer and grab some much needed family quality time! Log on now to for a chance to win!

So go on make the most of the sunshine and go for a walk, release some happy hormones endorphins and feel fit, strong and inspired at the same time.  Greg, along with his partner Susie, is all set for a summer of fun with their son Milo in his 4-in-1 Trike Sports Edition, as he turns nine months old this month.

Greg says: “We need to inspire future generations to feel fit, happy and enjoying quality time together. Going outside for a walk is the perfect way to unwind, get some exercise and wake up the senses! Plus it’s fantastic for your child’s development to, with so many things to see and do along the way. Make the most of the time you have together, put down the phones and tablets and cherish these precious moments in the great outdoors!” He goes on to say; “The Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike is a brilliant alternative to a stroller – helping to make your little ones really feel part of the adventure!”

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